At initially you think your dog is being silly chasing his tail but then you realize he is biting and also gnawing at the area. You try to deter him, yet he goes right back to biting his tail. Tbelow are several factors why your dog could be biting and also chewing at his tail such as:

Impacted anal glandsAllergiesExternal parasitesInternal parasitesPoor hygieneInjured tailboneBehavior issues

If your dog is excessively biting on his tail, it might be an indication of a serious condition.

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Impacted Anal Glands

Anal glands (anal sacs) are located on both sides of your dog’s anus. The glands create a strong smelling liquid which is provided for territorial marking. Typically, when your dog defecates it puts pressure on the glands, which causes the sacs to secrete onto the feces. If the liquid is not being expressed, the anal glands have the right to gain clogged and also impacted. Impacted glands can be resulted in by the dog having soft stools which carry out not put press on the anal glands. The affected glands reason the dog excellent discomfort. He will bite and also chew at his tail location. Your dog may additionally scoot his bottom area on the floor. The anal glands can likewise come to be infected and also abscess.


Allergies may be making your dog extremely itchy and also resulting in him to bite at his tail. Allergies may be brought about by fleas, diet or by environmental allergens. The most common food allergens are beef, dairy, corn, wwarmth and also soy. Environpsychological allergens may incorporate mold/mildew, and also tree, grass and weed pollen.

External Parasites

Frents, ticks and also mites have the right to cause great irritation and also discomfort. Many dogs and also cats are also allergic to the flea’s saliva, which causes the pet to experience serious itching.

Internal Parasites

Tapeworms and roundworms can cause your dog’s anus to be irritated. Tapeworms can be transmitted by a flea bite or by the dog ingesting a flea, which is transferring tapeworm eggs. Roundworms are even more prevalent in puppies, and also have the right to be transmitted to human beings by call through contaminated stool.

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene might be making your dog’s anal location itchy. The hair about the anus deserve to get matted and also have actually fecal issue (fecal mats). This can cause the dog’s skin to acquire irritated and infected. The fecal mats deserve to additionally entice flies and reason a magobtained infeterminal on your dog.

Injured Tail

A dog’s tail may be injured bring about a fracture, displace, abrasion or laceration. Dogs with lengthy tails are more at hazard of injuries. An injured tail have the right to cause the majority of pain.

Behavior Issues

Your dog may be biting at his tail due to behavior problems. Dogs that are stressed or anxious may bite, gnaw or lick at their skin. A new pet or perkid in the family members, fireworks, or a family move can cause a dog an excellent deal of anxiety.



A dog that is excessively biting at his tail must be watched by a veterinarian. A veterinarian can exam your dog and also run a few diagnostic tests, which will certainly assist uncover the underlying reason of the tail biting.

Impacted glands will be expressed by the veterinarian. Gland also abscesses may need to be lanced. Your dog will be prescribed antibiotics and also pain medication. An Elizabethan collar might must be worn to proccasion the dog from biting or licking at the area.

Allergies are typically treated through medicines. Dogs with external parasites will be treated via a flea and also tick preventative medication. Internal parasites are treated with a dewormer medication.

If x-rays confirm a fractured tail, the dog’s tail might need to be splinted. Tail abrasions or lacerations will certainly must be cleaned and treated via antibiotic ointment. The tail will be bandaged and also your dog will most likely have to wear an Elizabethan collar.

Dogs with behavior concerns could be treated via drugs, or might be described an pet behaviorist. An pet behaviorist deserve to observe your dog and make recommendations, which will assist through bouts of stress and anxiety and/or stress and anxiety.



A diet that is high in fiber may help prevent a loose stool. The harder stool will put more push on the glands and also aid them to secrete.

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Having your dog on a flea and also tick monthly preventative deserve to prevent external parasites. Internal parasites may be prevented by consistent deworming. Puppies have to be dewormed at 2, 4, 6, 8 and also 12 weeks of age. Adult dogs need to be dewormed twice a year. 

Suitable hygiene and also continuous grooming can aid proccasion matted hair and infections. 

Dogs must not be left unattfinished with tiny youngsters. Children sometimes have the right to pull or action on a dog’s tail. Hurting the dog might cause the dog to bite. To prevent an injury to the dog or to the son, the pair should not be left unmanaged.