The many proper is C. the incest taboo facilitates the socialization of youngsters and prevents function confusion. According to functionalism; the household perdevelops a number of necessary attributes fpr society. It socializes children, it gives emotional and also practical support for its members, it helps control sex-related activity and also sexual remanufacturing, and also it offers its members via a social identity.

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A map says that Atlanta is d1 = 729 mi in a direction of θ1 = 5.11° north of east from Dallas. The same map reflects that Chica
We deserve to usage the Cosine Law:c² = a² + b² - 2 a b cos Cd² = 729² + 562² - 2 · 729 · 562 · cos C5.11 + ( 90 - 21.1 ) = 5.11 + 68.9 = 74.01°d² = 531,441 + 315,844 + 2 · 729 · 562 · cos 74.01°d² = 847,285 - 2 · 409,698 · 0.27547 d² = 847,285 - 225,718.67d² = 621,566.33d = √621,566.33d = 788.4 displacement from Dallregarding Chicearlier is 788.4 miles.

A proton is relocating in a circular orlittle of radius 20 cm under a unidevelop magnetic area 0.3 t perpendicular to the velocity of the

v = 5.75 x 10⁶ m/s


The radius (r) of the circular orlittle bit taken by a charged pwrite-up is related to its rate perpendicular to a magnetic field of stamina B, and also is given by

r =


Wright here,

q = charge of the particle

m = mass of the particle

Making v topic of the formula in equation (i) over gives

v =



r = 20cm = 0.2m

B = 0.3T

v = unknown

q = charge of proton = 1.6 x 10⁻¹⁹ C

m = mass of the proton = 1.67 x 10⁻²⁷kg

Substitute the worths of m, q, B and also r into equation (ii) over to get;

v =


Solving for v gives:

v = 5.75 x 10⁶ m/s

As such, the velocity of the proton is 5.75 x 10⁶ m/s

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Which term explains a amount that has actually both magnitude and also direction?
m_a_m_a <10>

Vector explacountry is apex and I acquired 100 on the test and it’s the interpretation

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Which isotope is usage to date prehistoric artifacts such as fossils?

the isotope they use is carbon-14

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Please this question provided in the picture
elena-s <515>

A plane mirror develops a digital picture behind the mirror. The picture is as far behind the mirror as the object is in front of it. A cannot see his image bereason the size of the mirror is as well brief on his side. However before, he have the right to watch the objects inserted at points P and Q, however cannot watch the object placed at allude R

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