I’m into sitcoms, and while I realize that the relationships andstory linesare often far from the reality that you and I experience in real life, I can’t help but notice something: the way the women in the sitcoms I watch relate to and communicate with their significant others…like adults…like equals.During these past 24 days of being apart from my boyfriend, I’ve grown a lot. I’ve been more mature…more adult. I’ve been taking care of myself, working on my DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills, and crushing down would-be crises.Maybe that’s why it alarmed me a bit when I noticed that, when he called me the other night to talk about what time he’d be home in a few days, I regressed to a baby voice and was acting like a child.

I was using baby speak (trying to be cute and adorable, I suppose), and when I caught myself doing it, I felt so conflicted inside. This is the way I behave with him, because some part of me believes that this is how I must be have in order for him to love me and want to be with me.When I watch television shows where grown women relate to their partners as grown women, I long for that. It seems like so much more of a balanced, healthier approach to a relationship, but the truth is, for as long as I can remember, I’ve related to the men in my life this way. It’s almost like the proverbial “Daddy Complex.”But I don’t want a Daddy anymore. I want a normal, healthy, equal relationship with my partner. The thing is, when I do allow my “real,” adult self to emerge, it seems to cause conflict. Maybe he’s just extraordinarily confused as to who is the real me. Maybe he likes the “baby me.” I’m not sure, but this is something I intend to reflect on.At the moment, I am:

radically accepting that this is how I currently relate to himgoing to take a look at the Interpersonal Effectiveness section of my DBT binder to see what other skills I might practice to gain more balance in this area of my lifegoing to show myself compassion and abstain from judgment, as all things have “cause”

Can you relate? Do you behave in a more childlike way with your partner but are more confident and adult like in other social situations (i.e. at work, out and about shopping, with friends)?I wrote these other related blog posts about the Childlike Aspects of Borderline Personality Disorder and Sometimes I Act Like a Little Girl. If you can relate to this post, you may like that these as well.Thanks for reading.More Soon.


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Zara says:
July 17, 2021 at 6:46 am

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this has really jelped me realise what is going on for me. i came across this blog doing some research about why i do this around my partner and this blo has opened my eyes to the possibility it could be related to BPD. i am currently under examination for other symptoms of the disorder so it is really helpful to find tbis information. thanks a lot!!


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