All I have wanted to perform the previous few days is go sit up at the gas station and just smell the gasoline. And smell it and also smell it and also smell it. All. Day. Long. For a 2nd I may have also wondered what it tastes choose but I"m not stupid enough to actually attempt it. This can not be normal....right? But is it worth discussing to my doctor?

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I had actually to gain gas yesterday and also I won"t lie, I was thinking about exactly how good it smelled too! But it"s absolutely not a healthy craving!

Right! I know it isn"t healthy and also the fumes most likely aren"t that great for you. But...ah! It"s making my mouth kinda water just thinking around smelling it :-/

I am via you on this 100%! My fiance believed I was crazy. But I did find out 2 weeks ago at my glucose screening that I have actually low iron, so if what PP shelp then it all provides sense!

I had actually my glucose test 5 or 6 weeks earlier. My iron wasn"t low at that time. Maybe it deserve to change? I dunno. This has been going on for a few days now.


I favored smelling it when I pumped gas, however I"ve never before had the urge to go up and also stick my head in a gas tank just to smell it xD my husband thinks I"m nuts.

My nephew will certainly tell you you"re having actually a boy :D

He maintained asking me if I favored the smell of gas and also skidoo exhaust - which I didn"t/don"t. So he shelp ohhhhh, you"re certainly having actually a girl. LOL......coincidentally, he was best. Hehehe.

I had that through my last pregnancy it was gasoline and also the smell of tires. I would simply go into Walmart auto and sit tright here smelling the tires. My iron was ok have no idea what that was all around lol



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Soo ive been craving the smell of gasoline throughout the last several weeks of pregnancy…