I need to organize the take care of down to flush my toilet entirely. I took a look inside and also I am wondering if it has something to do with the chain or the flapper. I am noticing that the flapper does not remain up unmuch less the take care of is being held dvery own.

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Does this make sense? Does it sound favor I need a brand-new flapper or might it be something else altogether?



First attempt shortening the chain, it sounds choose the chain is not pulling the flapper previous the breaking point (the allude where it stays open on its own).

If that does not work, you deserve to attempt replacing the flapper.


Tester"s answer is the more likely, however here"s somepoint else to store in mind.

Newer flappers have actually an adjustment where you can rotate them to flush faster or slower. This aligns an air hole between directly up (faster flush) to the side (slower flush). Air bubbles out of the hole and water gets sucked in the bottom till it"s hefty sufficient to fall closed.

So currently, if you have among these designs, you might just have to twist it to the proper setting (there"s normally some numbers created on it and you deserve to feel a distinct clicking as you twist it). But I deserve to likewise check out some debris getting stuck in the drain hole causing water to stay in the flapper, so that it never resets to be full of air. If that"s the case, clean the bottom off, or as Tester states, relocation it.


The flapper was falling dvery own too quick unless I hosted the take care of. We quit up the hole in side of the flapper via marine tape. The flapper falls sreduced now and also the toilet flushes great. We additionally tried shortening chains, and so on and also nopoint else operated.


Be certain to follow the instructions for installation for the specific flapper that you"ve purchases. As others have actually discussed, make sure the chain size is tight enough to open up the valve much enough to open. It "should" float up after it passes a details suggest.

In my instance, I bought a Fluidunderstand Universal Flapper. It has holes on each side to attach to the knobs on the fill tube. It also has actually a sleeve to go over the fill tube if the fill tube DOES NOT have knobs to affix it on. It hregarding be mounted one means OR the various other, not both.

If tbelow are knobs to connect to AND the sleeve is slid over the fill tube, it will be "spring loaded" to stay in the closed place. If tright here are knobs, cut the sleeve portion off per instructions.

Clean the water jet hole at bottom, opposite of drainpipe (I provided a hanger). Builds up after a few years, restricts flow into tank

If there’s a steel arm that pulls the flapper up, simply bend it so the chain pulls the flapper ago (towards the overflow pipe) and up. You can additionally bend the arm upwards or downwards to acquire the chain length right. I just addressed two toilets through this problem by bending the arm into the best position.

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