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I think about myself pretty knowledgeable around all the different ways one have the right to have actually sex either alone or with one or multiple partners. From internet searches to podcasts, tbelow is plenty of information out tbelow for you to come to be informed too.

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Indeveloped doesn’t always intend accurately educated, yet. Sex is about even more than the playthings, approaches, and also all the extras that include to the fun; sex demands to be about consent, communication, and security. Our sexual health and wellness is even more necessary than the orgasm, folks. That perfect position will never be perfect if you are in pain or hosting an infection.

Thankfully, getting up to pee after sex is among the simplest (and cheapest) methods to store yourself healthy and balanced.


Right… you execute the kissing then pee.

This guideline is true for penis carriers yet is especially important for human being who have actually a vagina.

I don’t know as soon as I initially heard the “pee after sex” advice, but at the moment I was naïve and thought it was just when penetration occurred, especially in the time of vagina/penis sex. I didn’t and also don’t have that kind of sex so for several years I remained queer and unincreated. I am still queer, but I now have a much better understanding of the means the body works and what I can perform to safeguard it.

To be clear, urination is not a substitute for outside or inner security against sex-related transmitted infections and/or pregnancy.


The “pee after sex” dominion isn’t actually around penetration, though. Here’s why…

Sex doesn’t occur on sterile playing grounds. The cleanliness of hands, sheets, vibrators, or the backseat of a vehicle is not always the initially problem when things get warm and hefty between you and yourself or you and a sex-related partner. Thus, we disclose ourselves to all kinds of germy presents that deserve to save on offering. One of the many widespread infections caused by sex-related activity is the urinary tract infection. This happens once bacteria makes its way into the urethra and to the bladder.


For vagina owners, Naftolin warns, “It’s not a issue of the bacteria multiplying, however it is a matter of … having that brief tube between the outside and the bladder, so it doesn’t take incredibly much to gain up into the bladder.”

While the threat of a UTI is very low, peeing after sex is vital for people with penises as well.

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Penis owners are even more likely to acquire a prostate infection (if they have actually a prostate) if anal sex is affiliated. E. coli resides naturally on and also in our body and also plenty have the right to be transferred from the rectum right into the urethra during anus emotional or penetration. Wearing a condom reduces the hazard of this happening, but if you ride bareearlier, be sure to pee after.