First, you should understand that they describe each of their homes of worship as a “Kingdom Hall.”

There are a couple of reasons why tbelow are usually (although there are exceptions) no windows in a Kingdom Hall .

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1) The initially and foremany factor is for security. Think of it as a bunker. Jehovah’s Witnesses are a pacifist yet paranoid group. They believe that at any time, they will be vindicated by being violently persecuted. Rightly or incorrectly – and there are many type of examples of each – they have actually indeed confronted some opposition in communities roughly the world. So while one need to note that such an apocalyptically-oriented idea is incredibly self-justifying and community-cementing, a fear of the exterior people does make some sense. Windows are a basic target for those that would certainly persecute them with violence. They try to minimize that while emphasizing the potential for it.

Tbelow was a famed circumstances in 1940 of a mob of 2000 who attacked a Hall in Kennebunk Maine. A couple of Witnesses tright here actually had guns (unusual), fired into the crowd, and also were arrested. At the same time, however, the crowd had actually broken the home windows and also also some of the wall surfaces.

2) They don’t desire anyone to be distracted by pretty windows or exterior views throughout their many meetings. I heard this factor offered in a talk that was showing some of the distinctions in between God’s People and Babylon the Great. It was full of statements beginning through “Only Jehovah’s Witnesses…”, a topic exceptionally typical of a Sunday talk manuscript from New York. Witnesses think of their Kingdom Halls simply as structures of attribute, not as sacred spaces. Not unprefer the at an early stage christians who supplied people’s residences for gatherings, they think that the building itself is uncrucial. All that matters is that they are gathered in his name. That name would certainly be Jehovah. Jesus? Not so a lot. Their members are not permitted to set foot in other homes of worship, no matter just how many kind of human being might be gathered tright here in the spirit of love.

3) The last reason is to conserve money. Actually, I think this is the initially factor, yet I’m placing the factors I was offered as an “insider” first. Windows are just more expensive than no windows. Real money continues to be in Brooklyn and also various other world headquarters. Local JWs pay for the building utilizing the Watchtower loan device (via interest), yet then the Watchtower Scriptures and also Tract company owns all the land. Pretty neat.

This Kingdom Hall is lovely, but just because they didn’t build it. Typically the Kingdom Hall is nopoint much more than one large room via cheesy carpeting, a slightly elevated phase, and a “bookstore” at the earlier. Restrooms are commonly in the basement, in addition to a couple of various other rooms that I remember being supplied mainly to discipline youngsters however were intended for smaller sized group meetings.

It’s a small like an old-fashioned barnelevating when a Kingdom Hall is constructed. Everyone is meant to aid and also it is fun, in a family member sort of way, to communicate in some sort of actual constructive initiative as a team (one that doesn’t involve going door to door or listening to someone speak).

Fer says:

NO WINDOWS? When you say that JW’s Kingdom Hall have actually no windows, you intend that they have actually less home windows than the constant homes. Right? I expect, I have actually viewed Catholic churches with no windows ( pardon me if you are Catholic ) yet never before a Kingdom hall through none. I agree through you, that they have actually less windows for safety reasons. Besides this means it helps as shelter. Also, as someone pointed out prior to, so civilization don’t gain distracted. You will agree with me that in a meeting that helds roughly 120 people, in which some are children, or babies, it’s quickly to gain distracted. Now imagine the majority of home windows, even even more distractivity. Just like in schools, paleas and also teachers wonder method don’t the students ever pay atention in course. You will certainly agree with me that many course rooms have actually windows. In your third factor is in which I execute not agree via. I don’t think that Jehovah’s Witnesses are trying to save money by not putting home windows, i intend, if you very own a home, it is cheaper to have home windows, that to revolve all your lights on. Right? At the beginning it might not be much of a difference, but with the years you would save money if you have actually home windows. Who ever before wrote this web page, I would recomfinish you to go to Kingdom Hall to view what its choose if you currently went, go again. It is a very nice area, well illuminated, through friendly civilization, and also with nothing to hide. Unlike Catholic churches, in which there is a poor illumicountry by candles, full of life less images that just give you nightmares rather of tranquility. And talking about images, doesn’t the bible said not to usage any kind of type of imeras of anypoint in Exodus 20:4 : “Thou shalt not make unto thee any type of graven image, or any kind of likeness of any point that is in heaven over, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.” I intend, does the Pope reads the Holy bible, or what. You most likely recognize that the word Pope implies father, right? Well doens’t the Holy bible also says in Matthew 23:9 : “And contact no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.” Also, when God sassist you shall not kill. When the Pope blesses the firearms, the bombs, and also soldiers that are going to be offered to kill human being of another country. Does that intend that God is with them? Since there is another Pope, in the country that is going to be struck, doing the exact exact same point. Which side does God takes? The one through more faith? Or the one doing what the Scriptures says? If He is in favor of the one doing what the Scriptures says, then he is in neither side bereason, none is doing it. Do you really imagine Jesus holding a machine gun, shooting at somebody!.

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I don’t, however I think the Pope does. Sorry if I gained out of topic yet civilization should open their eyes really wide this days.