The historically effective recurve bow, the contemporary compound bow, and also the rapid-fire crossbow. You can’t avoid this topic as soon as you’re a hardcore archer.

People are always asking what’s best or what they should use. The reality is, we don’t desire to discourage anyone from pursuing one type of archery over an additional due to individual biases.

Instead, we decided to lay out a list of facts and also cases wright here some bows may be much better than others, and also allow you to make the last contact for yourself.

Consider this your examine overview on comparing these 3 bow types.

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If you’d like to check out a graphical breakdvery own of the archery bow forms, we obtained you covered:


FPS stands for feet per second, as in exactly how far the arrowhead deserve to take a trip.

Arrow weight characteristics to this, but draw weight (and also exactly how tough it is to reach that optimal attract weight) are the major components at work-related right here.

Obviously, each of these bow forms has actually significantly different mechanics, making some much better for high FPS than others.

CrossbowCompound BowRecurve Bow
You can’t enhance a crossbow’s FPS via a compound or a recurve bow. You’ll watch increases to about 460 FPS (seldom over this for crossbows that are sold by manufacturers), though some practice crossbows deserve to reach upwards of 600 FPS. In our opinion, anything over 400 is just for bragging rights. 400 FPS, in hunting, will certainly take dvery own your prey with brutal precision. Since crossbows are meant to be offered at closer arrays, this is plenty.Compound bows have actually the second-highest FPS, and also that’s because they’re mechanically developed superior to recurve bows. With a lever and pulley mechanism, there’s a tighter drawearlier that enables you to propel the arrow through about 7-9% more power than top-tier recurve bows. The primary factor that the FPS is so controllable is the let-off that a lot of compound bows have actually. You can fire these all day at max draw without feeling fatigued.Recurves, while we love them, have the lowest maximum FPS. You’ll uncover good recurve with about 315-330 FPS, and they begin plateauing approximately there. There’s nopoint wrong through that because if you think about it, you can still cross an entire football field in under a second, which is terrific. Recurves call for taking even more variables right into account, most of which is your physical toughness. You require excellent core stamina to be able to reach full attract.
Our FPS Rating: 9.8Our FPS Rating: 8.9Our FPS Rating: 8.5

FPS is expensive, and also it’s one of the main functions that manufacturers list once marketing their bows.

The higher your FPS, the more momentum and also power each of your arrows will certainly have. In short, it defines exactly how simple it will certainly be to take down a kill.

The more FPS, the much less you have to issue about wind speed and also distance.

Your FPS is dictated by the amount of kinetic power that you input right into the arrow. That’s the attract weight in action, and a greater draw weight suggests even more kinetic power.

At that suggest, your trajectory and arrow grain weight will also be taken right into consideration.

If you’re using a compound bow, you have the right to understand once you hit the maximum draw weight and also your swarm is as charged as possible. Compound bows will certainly tick once they reach the limit.

You Decide What’s Going to Run the Game

At the finish of the day, it’s about choice and what you want to train for.

What interests you. If you feel as though you’re much better fitted for a crossbow, but the recurve is calling your name, then there’s no have to go after something that you’re not going to be interested in.

Don’t look for what’s easiest; look for what truly feels choose an extension of yourself, and keep running through it.

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