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Chemical Formula
A exact statement that tells which elements are in a compound and their ratios
Chemically StableIt describes an atom whose outer power level is completely filled through electrons
Chemical BondThe pressure that holds together the atoms in a compound; chemical bonding occurs because atoms of an a facet end up being even more secure by losing, gaining, and sharing electrons.

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What happens to the properties of aspects when atoms form compounds ?They share electrons and also create a "compound bond".
What is a chemical formula for a compound with one atom of Calcium and two atoms of Florine -CaF2
What is a chemical formula for 2 atoms of Aluminum and also 3 atoms of Sulhair -Al2S3
Why execute a lot of facets tfinish to form compounds.Since they are unsecure and also can share electrons in their external power levels.
IonAtoms that have actually a charge
Ionic bondThe force of attractivity in between the opposite charges of the ions in an ionic compound.

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Convalent BondThe attraction that creates in between atoms when they share electrons
Polar MoleculeOne that has actually a positive finish. Non-Polar molecule-does not have opposite ends.
Nonpolar MoleculeIs a molecule that does not have oppositely charged ends
ToxicHazardous substance that deserve to injure living tissue; toxic compounds are poisonous
CorrosiveHazardous compound that assaults and also changes metals, human tissue, or various other materials;for instance, stove cleaners and also battery acids
Oxidation NumberA positive or negative number assigned to an element to show its combining ability in a compuond
Binary CompoundA compound that is created of two(2) elements
Polyatomic iona postively or negetively charged, covalently bonded group of atoms
Hydratea compound that has actually water chemically attached to its ions
Subcripta number created after a symbol tell how many atoms of that facet are in a unit of the compond;created below
Superscripta symbol written over the line
Anhydrousindicates without water