Grapes are by far one of the hardest fruits to wash thoapproximately, as they’re always coated with that white, waxy stuff that simply doesn’t come off with a continuous rinse. For other fruits and vegetables, I just spray them through a water/vinegar mixture, let sit, then rub and rinse clean. If I sat down to rub and also rinse eincredibly single grape on the vine, I wouldn’t even desire grapes anymore by the time I was finished!

In the past, I would just rinse them quickly under water, mayberub them a small prior to I ate them, and that was it.

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The last time I picked up some beautiful red grapes from the keep, I popped one in my mouth and was entirely overwhelmed by the bitter taste of the waxy coating.


I stopped ideal tright here and went on a search for exactly how to wash off this coating once and for all. Let me tell you, that search was not easy! I ultimately found a blog which argued the use of salt, so I took it one action even more and also added some baking soda to the mix for additional scrubbing activity, and I’m happy to say, it entirely worked! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves