In a previous article we debated alcohol and also ago pain. In this post, we’re going to store the emphasis on the neck. Some world find that they wake up via neck pain the morning after having actually a few drinks. Could they be related?

Let’s take a look at 3 ways drinking can be a literal “pain in the neck”.

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1 – Alcohol Can Create a Stiff Neck Due to Dehydration

Alcohol can cause dehydration. But just how does this affect the neck?

In between each vertebrae of the spine is a disc. These discs act as cushions, taking in effects and reducing anxiety as the spine moves. However, discs are comprised of a gelatinous product. Dehydration have the right to cause these discs to tighten up, offering much less cushion for the spine. When this occurs in the neck it deserve to make your neck feel sore or stiff.

Re-hydrating is important after a night of drinking…and also it might help solve your neck pain also. Drink plenty of water the next morning, your body demands it.

2 – Drinking Can Affect Your Sleeping Position

Sleeping in a awkward place have the right to cause you to wake up with a stiff neck. If you drank as well much the night prior to and also fell asleep in an odd place or with your neck in an awkward place this might certainly cause you to wake up with neck pain.

3 – Long Term Drinking and Alcohol Myopathy

If you’re more than simply a casual drinker you should be aware of the substantial means that alcohol have the right to affect your body. Individuals that have actually a background of prolonged and excessive alcohol usage deserve to have actually damages to their liver, be malnourimelted and be at threat for emerging alcohol myopathy.

Alcohol Myopathy is a serious condition in which the individual deserve to have diminished muscle mass. This deserve to bring about muscle weakness, twitching and pain. As your muscles threaten your spine plays a bigger duty in supporting your weight. The added strain on your cervical spine (in sustaining the weight of your head) deserve to bring about neck pain.

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So, Is Your Sore Neck Related to Drinking?

Alcohol and neck pain deserve to be related. If you have actually a sore neck after a night out drinking, rehydrating and also some light neck stretches might aid through your pain. If you use alcohol excessively and also experience pain in your neck (or various other locations of your body) you might desire to discuss your problem through a physician.