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Why Do My Shrimp Die ?

This is question I see everyday on the assorted teams forum etc so I believed I would certainly attend to it in a post.

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The question itself is much to vague..How am I intended to know why a shrimp dies if you only provide me incredibly little information?

First thing you need to dominion out is bad genetics however thats not most likely something we deserve to ever test for however I mention it below because periodically you will acquire shrimp dying and also never uncover a factor, this is somepoint you simply need to accept.

You also get shrimp dying of natural cause such as age and disease simply choose you perform in human beings.

Wright here do you begin though ?

I think you should start with the tank and also systematical work-related your way out from tright here, this is something I think I might be able to do a chart for later on so keep an eye out for it.

Lets begin with the tank and also then think is it safe for the shrimp.


Does the glass have any oily or sticky residue on it ?

2. Silicone

2a. Is its shrimp safe ? If its a bought tank it will certainly even more than likely be shrimp safe however if its something you have made yourself did you buy the correct silsymbol ?

2b. Was the tank second hand also ? some chemicals can be took in by silicon and continue to be tbelow.

The first measures are highly unmost likely however its something you should take into consideration.

So allows move on to the probables and also this is wright here it is crucial that you recognize the species of shrimp you have bereason conditions are not the exact same for eincredibly shrimp.

3. Water

3a. What is the resource ? tap, reverse osmosis, distilled , sea , lake , river , rainwater ? you get the point.


What is your water readjust frequency and how execute you execute it?

What is the temperature of the water ?

Do you have an ammonia reading ?

What is The Ph of the water ?

What is the Gh of the water ?

What is the Kh ?


If you usage Reverse Osmosis water what is the TDS

What make of buffer do you usage ?

4. Substrate

What substprice carry out you use ? because you execute obtain poor ones.


What filtration execute you use ?

6 .Cycling

Did you cycle the tank and how did you do it ?


Did you buy plants from a fish store? bereason they perform acquire treated via anti snail anti algae and parasitical treatment extremely frequently, the majority of of these are toxic to shrimp.

8. How did you acclimate the shrimp and also for just how long?

9 How many kind of shrimp perform you have actually ? overpopulating a tank to beforehand have the right to reason deaths.

10. How a lot food do you feed your shrimp and just how often ?

11. aerosol and also pesticide usage close to tank?


These are all concerns you have to have answers for prior to asking why my shrimp die or at least know some answers.

Lets break down the over right into a straightforward copy paste format that deserve to be provided to answer the widespread questions and factors behind a shrimp dying.

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The My Shrimp Are Dying Checklist/ Please Answer As Many kind of Of The Questions Below As Possible.

Shrimp Type?Shrimp Amount?Shrimp Source?Tank Size?Substrate?Filtration?Water Source?Temperature?PH?GH?KH?Ammonia?Cycle Time?Feeding Type of Food And Amount?Tank Mates ?Parasites?Bacteria?Medication?Pesticides, Fly Spray ?Your Shrimp Tank Maintenance ?