This question is partially answered here: Protecting resume versus recruiters, double-presentations, and MS Word?

But I"m looking for a more particular answer around why recruiters execute this.

Some ads by recruiters repursuit "Please submit resumes in MS Word format only". Why execute they perform this?



I have actually personally done a couple of weeks of convenience occupational / summer tasks at a recruitment firm and the main reason we asked for the Word format was ssuggest so that we might reduced out the call details and name, and anything else necessary to save the candidate confidential till they actually met the interviewer.

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Also, we would certainly add our own notes and also bullet points above the resume, change any type of details we taken into consideration unessential, write a nice summary etc. i.e. we never sent out the resume to potential employers without heavily reviewing it.

PDFs are not simple to edit in the original style (or at all, with many conventional Office studios)

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Brandon It's my brand. This is a beautiful means of placing it. Also, have you had any kind of pushearlier from recruiters when insisting you testimonial their revision first?
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The easy answer is that it provides their life less complicated.

Imagine you"re a recruiter. One half of your task is to grind with thousands of resumes eexceptionally week and organise them someexactly how. It"s easier to carry out that if you have the right to use the exact same regimen to see eexceptionally resume, and also many businesses1 usage Word. Back in the day this was a defence again civilization using particular versions of certain programs ("have the right to just be opened making use of AbiWord 2.1 or earlier"), however these days it"s as most likely to be a defence versus cryptography (signing or encrypting).

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Remember that in even more graphic-oriented sectors people will certainly submit whatever from "video resumes" to flash files. It"s not uncommon for architects, for example, to be asked for a "resume" that"s A3 or larger and a portfolio. Submitting that digitally as well helps everyone a great deal (although it does raise the question of whether world also understand what the word "resume" initially intended. Viz, an overview document)

Inevitably tbelow will certainly be a database somewbelow (at worst, the MS-Outlook email "database"), but more most likely some sort of recruiter tool. Many kind of of those can just import a minimal variety or file layouts, and also a lot cannot cope even via password-protected Word documents, let alone the various encrypted and signed layouts readily available by PDF and various other, even more qualified file formats.