A History Lesson

The year was 2002. We were walking on water and also building castles in the sky. Well, I was anymeans. What a time to be alive.

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If I"ve shed you, let me fill you in. Castles in the Sky was a huge dance music hit from 2002 (two weeks at number 1 in the Scottish Top 40 if you deserve to believe such dizzying heights). You deserve to examine out the video for it at the bottom of this write-up. The artist behind this musical masterpiece was "Ian Van Dahl".

That would be pretty much all I have to say about Ian Van Dahl other than for a filing through the European Pundit Property Office I spotted today. That filing was an opplace to a trademark application for "Ian Van Dahl". And tbelow, my friends and dance music aficionados, is wright here the plot thickens!

Who is Ian Van Dahl?

Well according to the tradenote opplace (which you deserve to view in complete here) Ian Van Dahl was actually a team.

The opposition states:

"The adversary created Ian Van Dahl in 1999.

Despite of what it sounds prefer, “Ian Van Dahl” is not a real perchild, but the name of a musical job. The Opponent made a decision the name “Ian Van Dahl” as a variation on ‘Jan Modaal’. Jan Modaal is a Dutch expression referring to a totally average perkid. Comparable terms in the English language are Average Joe, Ordinary Joe, Average Jane, etc.

The Opponent thought about himself as an average boy making music and also trying to conquer the human being from his house studio. To give the job a cooler look, he decided to write the name as Ian Van Dahl, in line with the higher DJ’s of that time called Niels van Gogh, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk."

What around the Singer?

Tremendous question.

The singer is Annemie Coenen. She was actually the 3rd singer in Ian Van Dahl, but even more or less ended up being the confront of the team once she joined in 2002. According to the opposition:

"For marketing reasons, the document firm decided to profile Annemie Coenen’s face on the visual product (Album and also Single cover, announcements and so on. of Ian Van Dahl). The reason why the Opponent was not profiled as the face of Ian Van Dahl, was because the record agency uncovered it commercially more interesting to disclose a young beautiful womale as front womale."

Who applied for the Trademark?

Well, as I"m certain you"ve gathered already NOT the guy who says he is Ian Van Dahl.

Actually, it was used for by HITT BVBA. This is wbelow it all gets exceptionally "Eastenders" and also dramatic.

Again, from the opposition:

"HITT BVBA is a Belgian monitoring, booking and production company (hereinafter: the Defendant), constituted in 2005. The domajor name www.hitt.be is registered on 1 st July 2007 by the Defendant.

Stijn Wouters - the founder and also existing CEO of HITT BVBA – previously was an employee of the document firm A&S wright here he was employed as assistant manager for the project Ian Van Dahl. In this capacity, Stijn Wouters had all the indevelopment, passwords, login codes and so on. to accessibility eextremely platdevelop related to Ian Van Dahl.

In 2008, Annemie Coenen made a decision to leave Ian Van Dahl. According to her, she didn’t desire to be seen as the mere vocalist of Ian Van Dahl anyeven more, but wanted to brand also herself as an independent artist.

She developed the artist name AnnaGrace, and engaged the Defendant for administration and also booking services"

Bad Faith Registration

If you haven"t currently checked out it, simply last week I posted THIS POST around a negative faith registration involving the estate of Bruce Lee. That"s component of what"s being declared in this opposition.

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I"m including the opponent"s entry on poor faith registration it as is, bereason I don"t think I might do the angst justice. Double exclamation marks in a legal submission, more of that I say!!

But Seriously Folks

I, as is my won"t, have actually been very facetious in this post. However, this happens a lot in the entertainment industry. It tends to come to be a huge concern when one member of a band also leaves, and also there"s a huge spat about that owns the name. Just last week former KISS guitarist VINNIE VINCENT filed a trademark application for "Vinnie Vincent"s Kiss".

Whether you"re a dance music producer, rockstar or business owner, not using for and also registering your brand also is constantly a danger. Yes, it could be fine. Yes, nobody else might be bothered trying. But perhaps, 16 years after you spfinish 2 weeks at number one in the charts in Scotland, your former singer will apply for a tradenote for a name you say is yours and some sarcastic IP lawyer in Dublin will certainly write a blog article around it. Is that a possibility you want to take?? WELL IS IT??