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Hank Williams Jr. - Whisessential Bent And Hell Bound ...And I have to obtain whiskey bent and also hell bound Play me the songs around a ramblin" guy put old Jim Beam in my hand also Cause you know I still love to get drunk and hear country sounds But do not you play Your Cheatin" Heart that"ll tear me all apart I"ll obtain whisvital bent and hell bound Yeah old Hank"s songs constantly make me feel low down
Hank Williams Jr. - Family Tradition muzic-ivan.infoCountry music singers Have always been a actual cshed household, But lately some of my kinfolks Have disowned a few others and also me I guess it"s because I type of changed my direction Lord I guess I went and broke their household legacy. They gain on me and want to recognize Hank Why do you drink? Hank why perform you roll smoke? Why should you live out the songs ...
CLiQ - Wavey muzic-ivan.infoGet high Get lit Get drunk Get wavey Get wavey Get high Get lit Get drunk Get wavey So let me tell you like this I"m who you"re looking for, I"m the wiz You ain"t seen one more prefer this Tbelow ain"t no one to do what I did Tright here ain"t no one to execute it choose I I readjusted the game, I changed your totality life
Charlie Daniels - Long Haired Country Boy to "Long Haired Country Boy" by Charlie Daniels. People say I"m no excellent, and crazy as a loon "Causage I get stoned in the mornin", I get drunk in the afternoon Kinda prefer my old blue tick hound, I prefer to lay roughly in the shade And I ain"t got no money, yet I damn sure acquired it made
Joe Nichols - Let"s Get Drunk And Fight muzic-ivan.infoAnd obtain great and torqued dvery own If you require a piñata Well, you deserve to kick me approximately. You deserve to insult my mom And I"ll question your past It turns me on when you"re pissed off You look warm once you"re mad. Let"s get drunk and fight Keep the next-door neighbors up all night Now you have the right to scream at me And I"ll make you cry. And when the morning comes We"ll make ...
Afroguy - Let"s All Get Drunk to "Let"s All Get Drunk" by Afroguy. Let"s all gain drunk tonight, I hope I do not fight through a punk tonight Let"s all obtain high tonight, probably nobody will die tonight Let"s all offer yell tonight, I hope I don"t go ago to jail tonight Let"s go to the club tonight, discover a woman that wanna make love tonight Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ruff Ryders - Get Wild muzic-ivan.infoacquire high acquire drunk gain wild buck fool you understand my style obtain crunk bitches bounce niggaz bounce let me provide you that funk shit blunt shit while I make you bang it out your trunk You cats, talk slick but walk quick when the dog hit The dog hits coming back to the raw shit Aww shit they done let me back out the gate
Willie Nelchild - I Gotta Get Drunk muzic-ivan.infoWell I gotta get drunk and also I certain carry out dread it "Cause I know simply what I"m gonna execute. I gotta obtain drunk, I can"t stay sober There"s many great world in town That"d like to see me holler, see me spfinish my dollar And I wouldn"t think of lettin" "em down
Michael Ray - Her World Or Mine muzic-ivan.infoOne of us is drinking to get drunk One of us sleeps excellent And one of us hates to confront the night Just counts if you"re talking around her civilization or mine For a while we had actually forever before in our hands That"s why one of us can"t understand How among us moved on One of us got stuck One of us is drinking simply for fun One of us is drinking to get drunk
Chase Rice - What"s Your Name muzic-ivan.infoWhat"s your drink once you obtain drunk? What"s your sign? What"s your song? Tell me girl, what transforms you on? What gets you down? What gets you high? What keeps you up in the dead of night? What I don"t know about you is killing me So girl, what"s your name?
1TakeJay - No Fucks muzic-ivan.infoLet"s obtain drunk, high as fuck Pour some liquor in my cup Girl, I recognize I"m fucked up But I ain"t never really gave no fucks I acquired gas in my lungs, so what? Baby, I ain"t never really provided no fucks I just gained a bag so I"m tryna display off I just signed a deal, uh, had to glow-up, hmm-mmh
Brett Eldredge - Drunk On Your Love muzic-ivan.infoNow I know why-y I"m feeling so high, high Cause I"m still drunk, drunk on your love, on your love It"s not in the whiscrucial, tequila or the wine It"s all around the touch and also the fire in your eyes It gets me fumbling constantly stumbling with a haze I obtained plenty to perform just laying here with you all day
AFROMAN - LET"S GET HIGH TONIGHT muzic-ivan.infoLet"s gain drunk todayLet"s get high tonightMaybe in the morningThings will be alrightI am living underSo much stress and also strifeSometimes I speak and also wonderHow to enjoy my lifeHanging through my homiesTalking jiveSmoking marijuana, drinking Cult 45Hey ...
JOHNNY RICHTER - AT IT AGAIN muzic-ivan.infoTonight I wanna Get high, acquire drunk, acquire litGet a limo and also after that acquire some chicksGet a tatalso get a new nicknameGet the fuck out my method Richter"s at it againTonight I wanna Get high, get drunk, gain litGet a limo and after that gain some chicksGet a tattoo get a new ...
AFROMAN - LET"S ALL GET DRUNK (WITH GUITAR SOLO) muzic-ivan.infoCause as soon as I"m drunk and once I"m high, I don"t offer a damn "bout a DUI. Let"s simply obtain lit, dance choose a nitwit, try to talk to the woguys that we can not get through. Me and my staff make everybody laugh. If the beer runs out, we deserve to all go half. It"s Friday night. Got the perfect weather. Lets gain drunk together. Let"s all acquire drunk tonight. (Hell ...
The Lacs - Kickin" Up Mud muzic-ivan.infoY"all have the right to kiss my country ass (I’m kickin’ up mud) 30.06 on my ago gun rack See a whitetail buck Placed him on his back 7mm or 12 gauge shotty We ain"t tryin’ to obtain drunk or hurt nobody Lordy lordy you gained a sexy body Just get muddy and shake it shawty Crunk in the mud slap getting’ drunk Dirty dancing kickin’ up mud Big truck ...
Afromale - Let"s Get High Tonight muzic-ivan.infoLet"s gain drunk now Let"s obtain high tonight Maybe in the morning Things will certainly be alright I am living under So a lot anxiety and also strife Sometimes I sheight and wonder How to reap my life Now I"m nice and tipsy And I"m high-igh Flirting with the ladies Walking by-ie-ie Hey pretty lady, let"s hook up tonight
Afroguy - Let"s Get High Tonight muzic-ivan.infoLet"s gain drunk today Let"s get high tonight Maybe in the morning Things will be alideal. I am living under So a lot anxiety and also chock (?) Sometimes I sheight and also wonder How to gain my life. Now I"m nice and tipsy And I"m high-igh Flirting via the women Walking by-ie-ie Hey pretty lady, let"s hook up tonight.
AFROMAN - LETS ALL GET DRUNK TONIGHT"Cause once I"m drunk and when I"m high I do not give a damn "bout a DUI Let"s simply get lit, dance like a nitwit Try to talk to the woguys that we can"t obtain via Me and also my staff make everybody laugh If the beer runs out, we can all go half It"s Friday night Got the perfect weather Lets gain drunk together Let"s all gain drunk tonight (Hell yeah)
AFROMAN - LIFE OF THA PARTY muzic-ivan.infoI"m tha only drunk dancin to tha funk I guess it"s up te me to acquire this thing crunk obtain high obtain drunk go bizarr standin up directly is significant work drivin residence I really hope it I can keep my eyelids open hope that exotic dancer answer roll cross country shed via the munchie in search of a country
DIRTY LOOKS - 12 O"CLOCK HIGH muzic-ivan.infoMaybe I"ll obtain drunk Maybe I"ll go dvery own tonight Maybe I"ll gain hooked I can"t get too concerned about the money ideal now I"ll have to call you back When I think you"re really out It"s so typical oh it"s so tough Heard someone saying (la, la la la) That"s so typical, don"t let me begin Or I"ll offer it away, ameans, away Yes then by 12 o"clock
DMX - Get Wild muzic-ivan.infoacquire high gain drunk get wild buck fool you know my style get crunk bitches bounce niggaz bounce let me give you that funk shit blunt shit while I make you bang it out your trunk You cats, talk slick however walk quick as soon as the dog hit The dog hits coming earlier to the raw shit Aww shit they done let me earlier out the gate
D.P.G. - We Gitt muzic-ivan.infoWe get high, we get drunk We acquire loaded, we fucked up We get high, we gained blunts We got money, we fucked up We gain high, we obtain drunk We get loaded, we fucked up We acquire high, we acquired blunts We gained money, we fucked up Look, a couple words to describe myself A pint of Henn I prescribe myself Hit up the weed doc, run up in the weed spot
BROKENCYDE - HIGH TIMEZ muzic-ivan.infoLet"s gain high as fuck Lemon haze clocertain inside the blunt We get high all night And I don"t also wanna sleep yet I got the beat set Listening to Keith Sweat Want my cheap bet We gain it poppin" girl, it"s simply how it goes If you wanna gain drunk, I"ma smoke my dro We gain high till I can not come down from it I took a brand also new sound and made it ...
Brett Young - Mercy muzic-ivan.infoIf you go out tonight and also gain drunk and also lonely Wind up home alone Please do not speak to me And say you miss me No. So if you"re gonna break my heart, just break it And if you"re gonna take your swarm, then take it Take it If you made up your mind, then make it Make this fast If you ever loved me Have mercy. Woah Oh have mercy
Old Dominion - Can"t Get You (Live) muzic-ivan.infoI acquire drunk, I get brave I get brave, I get a phone I acquire a phone, I obtain a cab I get a cab, I get to town I acquire to tvery own, I gain to reasoning I obtain to reasoning you"d love this bar I deserve to get to the bar, however I can not gain you Don"t know what it is that I gotta execute Something that I"m lacking that I oughta do I"d acquire another drink if I wanted to
Sam Hunt - Take Your Time muzic-ivan.infoTrying to obtain you drunk. And I"m certain among your friends is about to come over here "Causage she"s intended to conserve you from random males That talk also much and also wanna stay also long It"s the very same old song and dance but I think you know it well
Boondox - Toast To The Fam muzic-ivan.infoYou acquire high and I acquire drunk And then I accomplish your ass Somewhere in the middle, somewbelow on the other side From east coast to west everybody gettin" nation fried I"m drunk, you"re high, come on, we"ll fly Somewright here dvery own there, dvery own southern And we will not have a damn treatment I"m home so take me drunk again
SUNDY BEST - DRUNK RIGHT muzic-ivan.infoWell, I"m gonna gain drunk, I"m gon get right Be wilder than hell just about midnight Well, the grass is red, the moonshine"s white Yeah, I"m gonna obtain drunk, I"m gon gain best. Well, I"ve been drinkin around ten years Spent all my money on best gun beer So I go up a holler, put up my steel, get a pair even more drinks for a ten dollar bill.
RUFF RYDERS - GET WILD (DIRTY) muzic-ivan.infoGet high, get drunk get wild buck fool You know my style, obtain crunk Bitches bounce, niggaz bounce And let me offer you that funk shit, blunt shit While I make you bang it out your trunk You cats, talk slick yet walk quick as soon as the dog hit The dog hits coming ago to the raw shit Aww shit, they done let me back out the gate Back out to tape, ago ...
Thomas Rhett - Make Me Wanna muzic-ivan.infoGet drunk on you via no alcohol If you don"t stop I"m gonna You make me wanna Pull this truck to the side of the road Slide on over, let me host you close And tell you every little thing I"m reasoning Hop on out and also let the tailgate loss Get drunk on you via no alcohol If you do not sheight I"m gonna Girl you make me wanna Windows down, nation sound, FM ...
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BLAKE SHELTON - GET SOME muzic-ivan.infoYou acquire passist, you gain off You obtain gas, you get beer You acquire drunk, you acquire weird You get drove house You get up-thrvery own You acquire hungry, you get chicken Your guitar demands picking You get tan, you obtain pale You obtain sick, you gain well You obtain dressed up You obtain messed up Everybody saying, God Almighty, it"s Friday Everybody gain sidemeans just to have ...

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Jon Pardi - When I’ve Been Drinkin’ muzic-ivan.infoI was simply drunk Dialin" your number Hopin" that you just might wanna come over I can have said a tiny as well a lot You understand I do not think prior to I talk When I acquired a great buzz Can"t be held responsible for what I was sayin" You know I say the majority of points When I"ve been drinkin" Yeah and also I was drinkin" And I can"t guarantee That tbelow will not be ...
Jerry Jeff Walker - Sangria Wine muzic-ivan.infoIts additionally legal and also it gets you so high. And I love that sangria wine Love to drink it via old friends of mine Yeah I love to get drunk with friends of mine When we"re drinkin" that ole" sangria wine. Whoooah I love sangria wine Whoooah I love sangria wine. Start via some wine Add some apples and brandy and some sugar some spice

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