When your typical Tampa bartender reaches for salt, the seasoning sticks strictly to margarita glasses and lime wedges. But a new legacy, hailing from the Latin Amerihave the right to affect of south Texas, is making its means to the Bay area: beer salt.

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“It’s a longstanding Latin legacy to put salt and also lime in your beer,” claims Suzie Martel, a senior food scientist at Twang, a San Antonio-based agency that creates salts and seasonings for drinks and also dishes achoose. “It makes it a small even more complex and brings a different level of flavor to the beer.”

In Texas, it’s common exercise to ask for a beer — particularly Dos Equis — “dressed,” claims Martel. The beer arrives via the rim coated in lime and also salt. Twang founder Roger Trevino Sr. first encountered a citrus-flavored salt on a pilgrimage to a Mexican street sector that was reminiscent of those flavors however was a lot more portable. He later created his own variation of the seasoning that quickly ended up being a hit throughout Texas. Today, Twang’s Beer Salt is offered in patented mini beer bottles, which Martel states are supposed to take a trip all over.

“I understand world save it in their vehicle and also in their purse, so if they’re in a place that doesn’t offer salting on their beers they deserve to execute it themselves,” Martel claims.

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Twang, founded in 1986, freshly broadened into Florida. Publix carries the brand’s ZAS! all-organic seasoning blends for grilling, and also Walmart sells the Twang-a-Rita sweet and also salty cocktail rimmers and the iconic Beer Salt. Though the legacy of salting a beer has actually lengthy been acquainted to areas with large Hispanic populaces, Martel (whose favorite Beer Salt is the hot lime flavor) claims the combicountry of social media and also an increased interest in global foods items has helped the trend take off across the United States.

“So many demographics are being more educated around their food and also are looking to have actually genuine, authentic international seasonings,” she states. “I think that social media has actually absolutely been an integral component of educating people. You can obtain imaginative through your cocktails and also your beers and take those flavor inspirations from different societies. It doesn’t hurt that it’s visually appealing, either.”

Twang’s Beer Salts are packaged in mini plastic beer bottles, and you deserve to snag a koozie via a built-in beer salt holderRecipes from Twang


Unwind Lime Twang-a-Rita2 components tequila reposado1 part lime juice1 part triple secIce as needed1 lime wedge as garnish

Instructions:1. Rim glass through Unwind Lime Twang-a-Rita cocktail salt2. In a cocktail shaker, add ice, tequila, triple sec, lime juice and also agave3. Shake well, then pour into rimmed glass4. Add lime wedge to glass for garnish

Standard Michelada

Michelada Beer Salt1 lime4 oz. Clamato mix1 dash Worcestershire sauce2 dashes Tabasco (or your favorite hot sauce)1 12 oz. beerIce (as needed)1 lime wedge (as garnish)

Instructions:1. Rim a glass through Michelada Beer Salt2. In a shaker via ice, incorporate lime juice, Clamato, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce; shake well to chill3. Pour in glass through ice; fill via beer4. Add lime wedge for garnish


Twang-a-Rita Paloma Love Salt1.5 oz. tequila blanco2 oz. grapefruit juice2 oz. Topo Chico (sparkling mineral water)1/2 oz. simple syrupGrapefruit wedge for garnish

Instructions:1. Rim a glass with Twang-a-Rita Paloma Love salt2. Pour tequila, grapefruit juice and also straightforward syrup3. Top via Topo Chico or various other sparkling mineral water, and also include garnish of lime or grapefruit wedge