Career chance. Job security. Great benefits. And a profitable mission. Whether you are looking to begin, flourish, or readjust your career, tbelow is no much better place to live your dream than with the City of New York. Whatever your career ambitions, opportunities are we have actually an opportunity for you. We recurrent the biggest regional government in the U.S. via more than 300,000 employees and also 80 agencies.

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Find out About Exams

Over 80% of our tasks need to you to take a competitive exam. The exam list is posted annually in July and also is updated monthly.


Apply for an Exam

Rewatch the list of upcoming exams and also use for the exams you want to take on the Online Application System (OASys) or at one of our trial and error centers. You will certainly need to satisfy fundamental criteria and also pay a fee to qualify.

Take the Exam

Once you apply for the exam, you deserve to take most exams digital or at a trial and error facility, situated in all 5 boroughs.

Get Your Results

It takes nine to 12 months for exam results to be processed. Once obtainable, your test scores and also main results will be posted on your OASys dashboard. In enhancement, we will certainly mail you your results and also write-up the list of world who passed, ranked in order by score.


Get Called for an Interview

When it’s your revolve on the list, you will get an invitation to intersee in the mail from a City firm that is hiring.

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Get the Offer!



Get Started

Many City positions – over 80% – require you to take and also pass a civil business exam. Standardized trial and error helps ensure the hiring procedure is fair and also competitive and we uncover the right person for the project. Other positions do not need a civil company exam. A complete list of jobs – those that require an exam and also those that execute not – deserve to be uncovered on the web page.


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