On a 2001 Honda Civic. Having the temp dial to HOT. When I rotate the air circulation dial from FRONT to Defrost (windshield), it transforms on the A/C button and the A/C motor kicks in additionally. It just started doing this. So currently I can not defrost my windshield. Air circulation does come out the windshield. No inspect engine light. Please help.

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This is normal habits. The A/C mechanism is turned on to dehumidify the air, which reasons the windshield to defog. Without it, your breath would freeze on the inside of the windshield and cause additionally concerns.


Please note Bob Cross" comments listed below.

DIY: Turn Off Automatic A/C Turn-OnWhat you will need: Two Fingers

Time Needed: 10 seconds.

Annoyed through just how you can"t revolve off the A/C as soon as you rotate to defog? Here"s the override (realize that A/C expediates the defog process).

Turn Car OffTurn Temperature Knob To Full Blue (All the means to the left - Counter-Clock Wise)Turn Vent Knob To Off (All the way to the left - Counter-Clock Wise)Hold Down Air Recirculation Button As Well As A/C ButtonKeep Both Butlots Depressed and also Start CarKeep Both Butlots Depressed for 7 SecondsAC LIGHT SHOULD BLINK

You will currently have manage of your A/C regardmuch less of what establishing you are in, to revert back, ssuggest repeat the procedue.

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does this work-related for Toyota as well? ToyotaJoe
Jun 13 "14 at 19:04
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