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Chief Bromden has actually not really become deaf and also dumb; he simply feigns his deafness in order to get knowledge around the Big Nurse and also the orderlies; for, they talk in front of him, assuming that he cannot hear:

They do not bvarious other not talking out loud around their hate keys once...

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Chief Bromden has not really come to be deaf and dumb; he ssuggest feigns his deafness in order to acquire knowledge about the Big Nurse and the orderlies; for, they talk in front of him, assuming that he cannot hear:

They do not bvarious other not talking out loud about their hate secrets once I"m surrounding because they think I"m deaf and dumb. Everybody thinks so, I"m cagey sufficient to fool them that much.

Fully conscious that his being deaf is an act, Bromden narprices better in Chapter 2, as he recalls first meeting McMurphy,

But then"s when I remember reasoning that he was laughing because he wasn"t fooled for one minute by my deaf-and-dumb act....

Later, in the first chapter of Part III, Bromden lies in bed the night prior to the fishing pilgrimage and also ponders his charade of being deaf, of not "letting on I heard what was being shelp," and he wonders if he deserve to now act any various other method given that his pretence has developed bereason civilization have actually assumed he has been too insensate to hear or view or speak around anypoint. Recalling the words of his father,

Papa claims that if you don"t watch it, human being will pressure you one means or one more, into doing what they think you must do, or...into doing the oppowebsite out of spite,

Bromden"s expertise underscores Kesey"s template that culture demands conformity and also, as Ralph Walcarry out Emerboy expressed it in Self-Reliance, is "in conspiracy versus the manhood of every among its members." Ironically, then, Bromden feigns being deaf in order to defeat what he feels is the conspiracy against his manhood and individuality. So, he speaks in order to warn McMurphy,

"They can not have actually somebody as huge as Papa running about unmuch less he"s one of them. You deserve to watch that."

He advises McMurphy of the Combine that will certainly use various suggests to subjugate him.

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The answer to this question have the right to be found in Part III, once Bromden experiences his first memory of his past, and in certain the way that he is treated by the white males that come and attempt and also buy the land also that is his father"s inheritance as chief of his people. What Bromden remembers in particular is the means that they ignore him and do not even look at him, denying his humankind. Note what Bromden sees when he looks at the white men he has actually simply talked to:

And, nearly, view the apparatus inside them take the words I just said and also attempt to fit the words in here and tbelow, this location and that, and also when they uncover the words don"t have actually any kind of area ready-made wright here they"ll fit, the machinery disposes of the words favor they weren"t even spoken.

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Chief Bromden believes he is deaf and also dumb because he is acting upon how he is treated by culture, as represented through this memory of exactly how the white guys treated him. Since his words "do not have actually any kind of place ready-made wbelow they"ll fit," it becomes clear that Bromden internalises this belief and sees the logical expansion to be that, as others seem to not be able to hear what he states, he cannot talk at all. Bromden therefore adopts his deafness and also dumbness as a solution to the means that culture at large treats him.