Why Dark Souls 2 Feels So Different Dark Souls 2 was a very anticipated sequel that left a lot of fans confused and also disappointed at its differences. Here"s why it is what it is.

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Sequels to famous develops of media have actually a propensity to drum up enormous levels of excitement and anticipation that have the right to never before actually be met without retreading the very same ground, so once Dark Souls 2 released earlier in 2014, fans of the first installment were disappointed when the game inevitably couldn"t reach their unrealistic requirements. While the original Dark Souls is absolutely just as flawed as any game on the sector, it"s still generally hailed as a masteritem of game design, and also its sequel recycled that establiburned formula to develop somepoint totally new.

FromSoftware made certain Dark Souls 2 deviated from the original by ssuggest adjusting their level style approach. The original game"s map was prefer a complex spider web, and also each location linked right into others in a very cohesive manner. Much like a typical Metroidvania, players start to construct a map in their heads of exactly what the human being looks like, and because of this, replaying Dark Souls supplies players several liberty of wright here to go first.

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Dark Souls 2"s map, on the other hand also, is much more equivalent to Demon"s Souls than Dark Souls because it revolves approximately a main hub location. In this hub area, recognized as Majula, tright here are a plethora of routes to choose right from the beginning that will certainly take their players to various areas. However, these routes are all incredibly direct, so the only choice players have actually as soon as exploring in Dark Souls 2 is deciding which course they desire to take following. This does market a solid amount of replay worth, because it"s still possible to play with the adventure in differing orders, yet this map is much less cohesive and also interconnected than the human being of the original.

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Part of the factor that Dark Souls 2 was so radically various from the initially game was that they both had actually various directors. Hidetaka Miyazaki directed both Demon"s Souls and also Dark Souls, and he had felt the desire to move on from the Souls games to pursue more original functions. However, Bandai Namco wanted to cash in on the popularity of Dark Souls, and also they weren"t going to wait for Miyazaki to end up through his original task, so a new director took over while Miyazaki was working on Bloodborne. Ironically, Bloodborne has actually even more in widespread via the original Dark Souls because it attributes level style even more on par through what fans were hoping for out of Dark Souls 2.

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Players additionally criticized the game"s difficulty, bereason it regularly felt synthetic compared to the previous entries. Dark Souls 2"s opponents are much simpler to take dvery own than those discovered in Dark Souls, and the developers counteracted this by ssuggest forcing the player to fight many kind of adversaries at as soon as. Frequently, players will find themselves fighting repeats of bosses they"ve already defeated however with extra allies or minor upgrades. Dark Souls 2 also had a stronger focus on its online multiplayer than the previous enattempt, which included to its competitive scene and replay worth, yet finished up hurting its single-player suffer. Dark Souls 2 could be the babsence lamb of the Dark Souls franchise, but it offers a unique suffer that stands out from the remainder of the installments in the series.