What’s great around an Android tool is that it has a lot of attributes that are valuable and also essential to Android users. But what if these features start to present bugs and come to be an annoyance? One of which is the “Do not disturb” attribute on Android that keeps turning on.

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Tbelow are many complaints about the “do not disturb” function on Android being erratic. Tbelow are various reasons why this happens to Android individuals and I’ll present you just how to resolve everything step-by-action.

Fixing an immediately booked DND time

Let’s begin through the easiest cause. Before you do anything else on your Android tool, make sure your gadget isn’t set to an instantly scheduled “carry out not disturb” time.

1. Check your settings

To do this, go to your “Setups > Do not disturb.”


1. Install the app

Before you deserve to use the widgain, you’ll first have to install the app using the Play Store.

2. Open the app

Once mounted, Tap on “Open.” Then it will take you to the “DND” permission web page. Tap on “DND Toggle.”

3. Allow access

To let your tool run the app, you will need to permit permission for the application to make alters in your device’s “carry out not disturb” mode. Tap Allow to approve permission.

4. Use it from your app drawer

Go to your app drawer or house display and also discover Do Not Disturb Toggle application. Manually tap the app to turn on/off your “carry out not disturb” mode. It will certainly show a quick prompt saying “Normal” or “Quiet” to let you know which mode you’re on. And you’re done!

Yes. There are other do-not-disturb apps for Android that you have the right to install from the Play Store. Check this write-up for the best Android do-not-disturb apps.

Yes. Tright here is an app referred to as Do Not Disturb Sync for Wear. It’s an application dedicated to synch the do-not-disturb feature on your smartphone and Android Wear.


The “Do not disturb” function on Android is incredibly helpful. Especially once attending a vital gathering, playing games, or simply wanting to have an excellent night sleep. But if it’s stuck to never disturbing you forever, then it starts to feel favor it’s not a smartphone anymore.

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This difficulty causes a lot of trouble for human being that have a scheduled meeting or something incredibly crucial for them to be educated about. Thankcompletely, it’s a basic difficulty to settle.

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