Me <21F> with a male I simply began dating he won't tell me how old he is, however plays it off as some big joke. Red flag??

I feel really dumb for having to article this below, however I need exterior opinions and I'm as well embarrassed to ask my friends.

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I've been hanging out via this male for around a little over a month now and I still don't know just how old he is. He knows how old I am because it came up naturally as soon as I was telling him a story about my 21st birthday, which was current. He said, "Oh, so you're 21?" and also I shelp yes and casually asked exactly how old he is. He told me to guess, so I shelp 26, bereason I thought that could be possible? He looks choose he might be almost everywhere between 25-35 yet I'm honestly pretty bad at guessing periods. From the means he acts, I'm pretty positive he's over the age of 25. From what he's told me, he's pretty effective and also has began and marketed his own service already and he definitely looks too old to be my age. After I guessed a bunch of times he began laughing and kinda teasing me about exactly how badly I wanted to know. I recognize it doesn't matter that much, but him keeping it from me just made me want to recognize more so I kept guessing. He ultimately just started saying he wasn't gonna tell me because he believed it was so funny that I wanted to recognize so badly. He seems to favor the power of having information that I don't have actually.

Anymeans, I tried to gain the details in various other ways. For example, I asked what year he graduated college once he told me a story about his college days. He recorded on and also sassist somepoint like, "oh no, you're not getting it out of me that easy". So now he basically refsupplies to tell me bereason it's funny to him. I told him I seriously wanted to understand, and I assumed it was straight up weird that he wouldn't tell me. But he still treated it like a joke.

Is this a red flag? I feel choose it's not that funny of a joke and also it's kinda weird that he thinks of it that way. I understand age isn't that massive of a deal given that we're both adults and also have actually fun together, however it's still weird that he won't tell me. I genuinely desire to understand now.

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Or am I simply making too substantial of a deal around this? Thoughts?

tl;dr: Guy I've been dating won't tell me just how old he is and I'm obtaining a tiny creeped out. Am I overreacting or is this actually weird?