My auto (Suzuki Mehran) horn functions just sometimes after many days and also with very low sound. The difficulty began once I turned on auto ac about a month ago. In start the horn sound became low whenever vehicle ac was on. But now even without ac, the vehicle horn rarely functions through a very low sound.

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I don"t think its battery trouble bereason lights and also other things occupational fine and also the battery is brand-new.



Check to see just how many type of volts the horn relay is sending to the horn. if it"s much less than ignition voltage at the horn either the relay is poor or you have a wiring problem. If you have actually ignition voltage at the horn make certain it"s not touching anything and also examine for a good ground to the chassis. Otherwise rearea the horn.

Also periodically the switch in the steering wheel or the clockspring can go poor and also might be sending a partial ground to the relay not permitting it to ground the horn relay coil.


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