Have you ever had that thing once you’re playing via your female dog and also all of a sudden obtain a whiff of a horribly fishy odor? It’s sufficient to make you gag! Even now, all these years later on, I can still remember the really intense whiff of fish coming from the behind of my grandmother’s dog when I picked her up for a cuddle.

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Although the fishy smell is undeniably potent and also unpleasant, you have the right to take a bit of comfort of the truth that you aren’t the only female dog owner through this difficulty. It’s quite common for female dogs to smell like fish, whether that’s their backside, breath, or pee, as I will define this particular day.

Why your female dog smells like fish?

Tbelow are many factors your female dog might smell of fish. The two the majority of prevalent factors include blocked anal glands emitting a fishy odor or a vaginal yeast infection making the urine smell fishy.

 A lot of owners, especially owners of female dogs, can relate to the smell of fish at some suggest in their stays.

It is worth noting, yet, that some kinds of dogs are more likely to smell than others. Factors prefer gender, age, breed and conformation (the method your dog’s body is formed) have the right to all have actually an impact on just how likely it is for them to build a fish smell.

For example, if your female dog has actually an oily coat, which is common in breeds like retrievers and cocker spaniels, then she is more most likely to produce a fishy smell to go along with the enhanced oil manufacturing.

Further to this, if your female dog smells like fish and also has actually most skin folds – choose a Shar Pei or English Bulldog – they are even more most likely to smell bereason yeastern can develop within those folds and also in turn offer off a negative fish odour.

Oftentimes, the source of your female dog smelling favor fish have the right to be resolved via either a bath or a quick trip to the vets. However, if you want to understand more about some of the reasons why your female dog might smell, store reading!

A female dog in warmth can smell of fish, or it could be your dog’s pee that has a fishy stink to it.

Why does your female dog periodically smell favor fish?

Oftentimes, a fishy smell coming from your female dog’s behind is the result of secretions from her anal glands, which is also well-known as an anal sac.

1. Anal glands have the right to secrete fishy smells

These anal sacs are situated either side on your dog’s anus. They’re complete of sweat glands that create the distinctive fishy smell, which acts as a scent marker for your dog. If you’ve ever wondered why your dog intently smells other dog’s bottoms or their poo, these secretions are the factor why.

They tell your dog whatever they need to recognize around the other dog.

2. Female dog smells like fish when scared

Moving rapidly on, if your female dog is scared, or if tbelow is one more concern through your dog’s anal sacs, they will be more most likely to secrete a fishy odour from their anal sacs.

So, if you are wondering why your dog smells of fish, it is most likely bereason somepoint is wrong with their anal sac.

Broadly speaking, problems with your dog’s anal sacs that cause a secreting fishy smell are considered under the umbrella term anal sac condition, but below we will break dvery own what exactly that can expect.

Handy Hint: I’ve created a larger guide about dogs smelling like fish as soon as they are scared and stressed which goes right into even more detail about how to proccasion it.

3. Her anal sacs are impacted

Your dog’s anal glands are commonly expressed and also cleared of excess fluid as soon as they defecate. However, occasionally, your dog’s glands are not totally emptied.

If this happens, the fluid becomes dry and causes an impaction, which indicates that your female dog will certainly be unable to totally expush these glands appropriately. This is a prime time for as soon as your dog’s butt will certainly smell all fishy.

4. Her anal sacs are infected

You have the right to tell if your female dog’s anal sacs are infected not simply by the fishy odor, however by checking if the anal area appears discoloured, swollen or otherwise visually various than normal. It’s necessary to treat these infections with antibiotics by your vet, or it can bring about painful abscesses or even ruptures.

5. Her anal sacs have abscesses and tumors

Tumors, cysts or abscesses in your dog’s anal glands can be problematic and sheight your dog from expressing their anal glands appropriately, because they make the anal glands feel firm and enlarged.

Why does my female dog’s urine smell choose fish?

If you uncover that your female dog’s pee smells choose fish, below are some of the most common reasons why:

1. Urinary tract infection (UTI)

A UTI creates as a result of bacteria in the urine that should not be there. This deserve to reason the female dog’s urine to smell choose fish. Some owners will regularly report their dog smelling favor pee and it can be for a UTI, or a variety of various other reasons.

2. Yeast infection

If your female dog’s UTI isn’t adequately treated, they may develop a yeastern infection in their vagina, which will lead to a fishy odor coming from her genital area.

3. Pyometra

In very excessive situations, the fishy smell could take place bereason of something called pyometra. This is an infection that, contrary to famous belief, deserve to impact both unspayed and spayed female dogs’ wombs.

It is a severe clinical problem that needs immediate attention. The PDSA dog charity explain is as follows:

“A pyometra is an infection inside the womb. Any unneutered dog is at risk of occurring a pyometra, especially if they are over 6 years old. Hormonal changes during warm put your dog at threat of a womb infection. Once the warm is over, the majority go back to normal, but unfortunately, some dogs develop complications, which lead to an infection (pyometra). As a pyometra creates, the womb fills with pus. A pyometra have the right to lead to blood poisoning, kidney faiattract, peritonitis and also even death.”

Given how severe this is, if your unspayed or spayed female dog’s pee smells of fish, I would always acquire it seen so you have the right to have actually the tranquility of mind it’s nopoint significant.

Why does my female dog’s breath smell favor fish?

If you alert a fishy smell on your female’s dog’s breath, it could maybe be a gum condition choose periodontal condition or gingivitis, which is brought about by bad oral hygiene.

More particularly, the fishy breath smell could be the result of bacterial metabolism that resides on your female dog’s gums, the optimal of their tongue and also plaque on their teeth.

If you want to get rid of your female dog’s fishy smelling breath, an easy solution is to brush their teeth through enzymatic toothpaste 2 to three times each week. You can buy one on Amazon which is said to fight fish smelling breath.


You could additionally want to attempt chewable dental sticks (see on Amazon) to help fight oral bacteria in between brushes.



Now that have hopetotally determined why your female smells of fish, you’re probably wondering: what’s next? Well, in the situation of blocked anal glands you can either express them manually yourself or have actually a vet carry out it for you.

Generally, but, if your dog has actually an infection, abscess or various other problem in their bottom or vagina that is leading to the fishy smell, it is essential to take them to your vet’s so that they have the right to either prescribe them antibiotics or solve the underlying concern at hand.

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Once you have tackled any kind of medical factors behind your female dog’s fishy odors, be sure to keep up through their hygiene. Thunstable continuous baths are dental treatment, your dog will certainly be smelling fresh as a daisy in no time!

Please Note: This short article is not intended to replace experienced veterinarian advice but is my very own opinions and research as a dog owner. You should constantly seek an professional opinion.

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