Oh, no! You are boon docking in a primitive location and also your Onan generator falls short. Or, you are in a campsite and the shore power has actually been interrupted. What carry out you do? Your generator concern deserve to be an easy or complicated issue to fix – either method we can assist you out!

What to carry out if My Onan Generator Starts then Shuts DownOnan Generator Error CodesMore Helpful Onan Generator TipsFAQWhere have the right to I find the hrs of use for my generator?What is an error code 36 on an Onan generator?How perform I recollection my Onan generator?How do you read codes on an Onan generator?Why won’t my Onan generator start?

Today, Onan RV generators are most regularly uncovered in RVs through Cummins engines, as the Onan Corp ended up being a totally owned subsidiary of Cummins Inc in 1992. Effective in 2017, the brand was readjusted to reflect the Cummins name across the board.Although well designed and constructed, favor any kind of other mechanical part, the Onan generator deserve to build problems over time. RV non-portable generators (those permanently installed in an RV) have to be run frequently to encertain that they work-related. Regular generator maintenance will certainly help the generator run smoothly, but the majority of importantly it will certainly recognize any type of problems before you need it to power the RV. Most Onan RV generator issues have the right to be addressed prior to calling in a expert mobile or dealer RV technology.The generator deserve to be in different areas on an RV. Most diesel operated RVs will certainly have actually the generator installed in a pull-out on the front, as the diesel motor is in the rear. Gas RVs will certainly have actually the generator placed in a side compartment. 

If the Onan generator starts and then shuts down, tright here are several trouble-shooting measures you can require to recognize the concern. Gas-powered unit owners should check the Onan RV generator hands-on for trouble-shooting guides.Newer Onan diesel-powered RV generators have actually fault codes that will certainly screen on the unit. 

The diesel-powered Blink Code list consists of many type of issues you might suffer, yet the common fault code 36 is an issue that can have actually a number of reasons from low fuel to some severe mechanical issues.In basic, the adhering to Do-it-Yourself measures may help you resolve your difficulty. Check these prior to calling a professional.

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What to carry out if My Onan Generator Starts then Shuts Down

4 Things to examine if your Onan Generator is not working properly
If the generator is installed in your RV, it many most likely is already linked to the fuel resource, either gas or diesel. Tbelow will certainly be a line from the motorhome fuel tank to the generator. Often this line is not fairly lengthy sufficient to pull fuel through if the RV fuel tank is below one-quarter complete. This will certainly reason the generator to stall as it has no fuel for procedure. Make certain your RV fuel tank is always filled above the quarter-tank level.In gasoline models the concern can likewise be temperature connected. In incredibly warm settings it can endure vapor lock, a problem that will certainly cause the normal fuel supply to soptimal. Inside the RV compartment in a hot climate, the temperature can climb to above 120 levels Fahrenheit.Tright here are a couple of propane-powered generators that cold weather will certainly influence. In these the concern is fuel vaporization.Another inspect would certainly be to inspect the fuel line to make sure it is open up and also not pinched.
If the fuel supply is sufficient but your generator still starts and stops, examine the generator’s oil level. Onan RV generators have actually a “low oil” shutoff that can reason a shutdvery own. As oil warms it thins out and this might cause it to loss below the appropriate level. 
The general dominion of thumb for generator maintenance is to adjust the oil, plugs and also filters eextremely 100-150 hrs of procedure. Check the fuel filter to make sure it is clean and also allowing fuel to gain to the generator. Replacing spark plugs and filters, running carb cleaner via the device, replacing the voltage regulator slip rings, and also checking the circuit breaker on the ago of the unit are extra procedures you have the right to take.
Have you checked the circuit breaker? There is typically one on the generator, and one within the RV. Furthermore, check the ground wire to make certain it is firmly attached at both ends.Also, tright here is no certain way to escape and safeguard your RV from rodents and bugs. These critters can be the resource of issues by structure swarms or chewing with wires. 
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Onan Generator Error Codes

ErrorDescriptionCode 1Engine Over TemperatureCode 2Low Oil PressureCode 3Service CheckCode 4Over CrankCode 12Over VoltageCode 13Under VoltageCode 14Over FrequencyCode 15Under FrequencyCode 19Governor Actuator OverloadCode 23Low Oil Pressure Cutoff SwitchCode 27Voltage Sense ErrorCode 29High Battery VoltageCode 31OverspeedCode 32Low Cranking SpeedCode 35Control Card FailureCode 36Engine StoppedCode 37Invalid Generator Set ConfigurationCode 38Over Current (Field Overload)Code 41Generator RotorCode 42ProcessorCode 43Processor Fault Code.Code 45Speed SenseCode 47IgnitionCode 48Generator Field SenseCode 51ProcessorCode 52Fuel InjectorCode 54MAT SenderCode 56MAP SenderCode 57Over PrimeCode 58Exhaust Gas Temperature ShutdownCode 81Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor OpenCode 82Exhaust Gas Temperature Shorted
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More Helpful Onan Generator Tips

Regular Operation

It is essential to operate your generator at leastern as soon as a month under fill. Consider your generator as needing exercise to stay healthy and balanced. You should begin the generator, let it run at idle for a number of minutes, then rotate on various appliances to put a load on the generator for a number of even more minutes. This procedure is essential in generator engines through carburetors as fuel deserve to degrade over time and also cause an build-up of varnish which have the right to result in binding of the assorted parts of the engine.Placing a pack on the generator reasons it to work at capacity. This may include running the air-conditioner(s), microwave, and other smaller appliances at the very same time. Some professionals recommfinish a minimum of 15-minutes, while others say 30-minutes to one-hour of procedure under various load problems. Check your owner’s hand-operated for the specific recommendations for your generator. Before turning off the generator, rotate off the appliances and also allow the generator to idle and also cool dvery own.


You must consult your generator’s owner’s manual for suggested manufacturer’s intervals for company. Most gas and also propane generators need oil and also air filter transforms eincredibly 100 to 150 hrs, or once a year. Those engines via a integrated examine valve might need a specific type of oil filter. While all generators can use a typical automotive oil, many manufacturers recommfinish man-made oil. Note that many kind of warranty demands state that experienced maintenance at the said intervals be done for claims to be honored.

YouTube Help

Today’s Do-it-Yourselfers frequently rotate to the plethora of self-aid videos on the popular how-to channel, YouTube, choose the video over. Tright here are a range of videos providing step-by-action guidance in both straightforward and also more complicated fixes to your RV. Just type in your problem and model to discover the listings and select a video clip from the options.

Professional repair

If you are not handy at Do-it-Yourself jobs, you may want to uncover a mobile RV repair technician or make an appointment at the RV repair shop. 

All generators in motorhomes are equipped through an hour meter. Some have actually internal display screens that can be regarded, others have the meter display on the unit. Check your RV generator owner’s manual for specifics on your unit.
A fault code 36 implies that your Onan generator has actually stopped without a shutdvery own signal from the manage board, i.e., you have not turned it off. There can be many reasons for this type of error code from lack of fuel to an extra significant mechanical difficulty. 
Reestablishing the fault codes on your generator is straightforward. Locate the primer switch and also host it dvery own for about 30-secs. Release the switch and also then start your generator.
Finding the fault codes on the Onan generator is fairly basic when you remove the cover or accessibility panel. Find the primer switch and also push it quickly 3 times within five seconds. The light over the switch will certainly bconnect in a collection. It will repeat for as much as fifteen secs. Count the variety of bweb links as the first number. It will certainly then battach in a second series, and also this will certainly be the second number. For example, if it blinks three times at first then 6 times during the second, your fault code will be 36.Here is a great YouTube video that shows where to discover and also how to review Onan generator fault codes.

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Generally, the reasons why an Onan generator in motorhomes doesn’t begin are easily fixed. Here are the a lot of prevalent causes of the generator not starting.1) The fuel level in the RV fuel tank is listed below one-quarter complete. Often the fuel line from the RV fuel tank to the generator is placed so that the generator does not diminish the RV’s fuel supply. Maintaining a full fuel supply will prevent the generator from avoiding.2) A low oil level will prevent the Onan generator from working. Many newer generators in diesel RVs have actually an oil-sensor that will certainly rotate the generator off when the pressure falls listed below a details level. Make certain the oil level is complete by checking the oil dipstick and adding the recommfinished oil if essential.3) Filters deserve to become clogged and block fuel or oil from obtaining to the generator engine. Make certain the filters are clean and also totally free of debris by changing them at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.4) Plugs must be readjusted and also carburetor maintenance done at the recommended manufacturer’s intervals of 100-150 hours of procedure to encertain that the generator is operating at optimal performance.5) Check for loose or crimped wiring to the generator. 6) Check the RV battery. To begin, the generator demands enough battery power.