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Galaxy S5 gaining "To charge faster usage original charger" message after current upday. Phone is barely charging. Orginial charger is being used.

After I did the current upday to my phone last week I am gaining the "To charge much faster use original charger" message. My phone is charging extremely slow. I am utilizing the original charger. I have tried taking the battery out and also refounding the phone and I have actually likewise tried founding the phone in safe mode - I did not have actually any luck resolving the problem.Does anyone know just how to resolve this?Thank you!
Re: Galaxy S5 obtaining "To charge much faster use original charger" message after recent update. Phone is badepend charging. Orginial charger is being supplied.

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Re: Galaxy S5 gaining "To charge quicker usage original charger" message after recent upday. Phone is barely charging. Orginial charger is being provided.

my son"s s6 is doing the very same. his also does it as soon as it"s NOT on the charger. likewise, his original charger doesn"t work at all because the upday. he provides mine, which the gadget must still acknowledge as the charger that came with his, considering that it"s the same one. i haven"t found a solution. he wants to return it, but i want to wait a little because he"ll get a refurbished one and also his is only a pair months old.