Did you involved a situation, Printer not printing continuously, stops printing after 2 or 3 pages, or Sometimes the printer just print one page then hangs till reboot? Here a number of customers report the problem on the Microsoft forum,
Contents1 Printer only prints one page then stops1.1 Run Printer Troubleshooter1.2 Check Publish Spooler Service1.3 Clear Publish Spooler1.4 Disable Mopier Mode1.5 Reinstall Printer driver

Printer only prints one web page then stops

Printer Start printing only one web page of a paper, even if tright here are multiple pages. There are no error messperiods or anything, it simply prints one and then stops as if it finished the project.This problem greatly causes if the print spooler stops responding, the Installed Printer driver corrupted, and more. Here some services you might use to deal with the printer just print one copy on Windows 10, 8.1 and also 7.

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Run Printer Troubleshooter

Windows itself uses integrated printer Troubleshooter, that checks and fixes troubles that prevent completing the printing job. Run the troubleshooter and also let home windows fix the difficulty for you.
Open Control Panel from Start food selection search.From the Small symbol view, click TroubleshootingClick on View all and Select Printer.Then click on Modern, and make sure “Apply repair Automatically” inspect markedClick following and let Troubleshooter check and also settle the difficulty for you.After Complete the procedure, Rebegin windows and also examine currently peras printing repeatedly.

Check Publish Spooler Service

If Running printer troubleshooter didn’t resolve the issue, then Check the print spooler dependency solutions are running.Click Start, type services.msc and also hit EnterScroll dvery own to the Publish spooler.If it’s running state, Ssuggest right-click and also select restartIf print spooler business not running, Right-click and click properties.Change the startup kind “Automatic”, and also begin the organization.Now click the tab “Dependencies”Keep in mind every one of the dependent solutions listed, and then close the Print Spooler Properties home window.Check these Dependent solutions running, if not Repeat the over measures to begin them.

Clear Print Spooler

Open “Computer” and also browse to the listed below folder and delete all the papers in it, “c:windowssystem32spoolprinters”Do the exact same to clear the content in the folder “c:windowssystem32spooldriversw32x86” Reboot.

Disable Mopier Mode

One of the Users recommend on the Microsoft forum, Disable Mopier mode help to solve the issue “Printer stuck after one page print”Open the regulate panel and go to tools and also printers, under hardware and sound.Right-click on your printer (which bring about the issue) and click printer properties.Move to the tool settings tab, and scroll dvery own to installable options.look for an choice dubbed mopier mode, disable this alternative,.Click on use and also check this helps. Now document immediately printing as the print job is obtained from the computer.

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If all the over solutions, didn’t settle the difficulty, Reinstalling the printer driver carry out the magic for you. To carry out this initially Unplug the Printer.
From Windows, search for and also open Programs and also featuresRight-click your installed Printer driver and Select UninstallThen In Windows, search for and open Devices and printersHere look for your printer if still it listed there right-click on it and also choose ‘Delete’ or remove Device’Now push Windows + R, type printui.exe /s and okUnder the “Drivers” tab look for your printer name there.if you watch it Click on it and also click Remove at the bottom and also Select OkSelect Apply and Ok on the Publish Server Properties windows and rebegin PCVisit the Printer manufacturer webwebsite and downpack the latest easily accessible printer driver.Now connect your printer through USB cable windows instantly install the basic driver for you to begin making use of the printer.Or you deserve to run the printer driver, that you downloaded from the manufacturer’s webwebsite.Now sfinish a print job from your computer system. inspect this helps.Did these solutions help to deal with “printer just print one page then hangs”, cant print multiple peras on Windows 10 printer etc? Let us know on comment s listed below,Also readHow to Share Files and also Printers Between Two Windows 10 ComputersTip By Tip Install and Connumber Printer on Windows 10 Fix Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer Error in Windows 10Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error on Windows 10Solved: Publish Spooler keeps avoiding Not Running on Windows 10