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Chocolate burns my throat. (allergy, thyroid gland also, depression, physician)
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Whenever before I eat magic shell on my ice cream, it provides my throat burn.Hmm. I believed it was just the Magic Covering.So, last night, I had a Symphony bar. Throat melted again.I can put baking cocoa in my coffee, however whenever before I eat cocoa, it burns my throat so poor.Happen to anyone else? I am not getting heartburn wit it, simply the burning sensation in the throat.

Sounds choose it can be an allergy, which have the right to construct over time. Anvarious other opportunity is an interaction with one more food or drug. Have you began to take any new form of medicines that can cause an interactivity through chocolate? I"d check with my doctor just to be on the safe side. Good luck.
I do not think I have. It seems worse once tbelow is ALL cocoa. I tried a piles tonight and also nopoint happened. So, when it is choose the magic shell or the symphony bar, which are all cacao, I gett he burning.Oh but I love cocoa....

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have actually you watched this site:http://www.labelwatch.com/prod_resul...search=1&ref=1the ingredients provided for Magic Covering are hardly cocoa all at once....examine the symphony bar out as wellif your saying that baking chocolate in your coffee is fine for you, then I"m guessing it"s a reaction to one ore some of the weird emulsifiers and so on that are in typical candy.God forbid it"s a REAL cacao allergy issue, (just the believed renders me shiver!)however possibly you need to double examine by scoring a genuine pure high finish cocoa bar...you recognize, simply to make sure!

Well dear, Chocolates execute contain SOY LECITHIN, which originates from the TOXIC SOYBEAN LEGUME. I typed out an post right here at the Health section. I had many type of people say they ate is all their life and also they are doing good. But soybeans are not edible and toxic but the FDA let it pass off for food bereason it is CHEAP and also Poisons human being and animals. It dameras the thyroid gland first of all, Let me offer you a run-down on this toxic food. First of all, the manufacturers have actually invested $500,000,000 to gain the TOXINS out... they still can not attain doing that, so it is still TOXIC. ================================================== == Soybeans are unprefer other Legumes. Soybeans AREN"T safte to eat when picked fresh, because they are TOXIC. Lab tests in pets have displayed to reason whatever from cancer to birth defects. In order to rerelocate the harmful TOXINS the manufacturers MUST USE HARSH CHEMICALS processing them to high warmth that are extremely warm, then the soybeans need to go with Acid Baths, they are sprayed dried to develop a HIGH-PROTEIN POWER, all the while they are still TOXIC. To enhance the tastes of the SOY POWDER, they add in fabricated flavorings, such as MSG ( monsodium glutamate this is a flavor enhancer and millions are allergic to it, causes headaches to migranes) then preservatives are included ( even more toxins to which is TOXIC POISON SOYBEANS, then they need to include sweetness, emulsifiers and Synthetic nutrients are added. THEN the manufacturers need to include NITRITES these are well-known carcinogens ( that word suggests deserve to produce cancers in the body) they include in the NUTRITES in the time of the spraying for the drying procedure. ================================================== =One is particularly dangerous a toxin, TRYPSIN INHIBITOR can nterefere with digestion and theoretically cause cancer in human beings. Processed SOY POWDER includes Residual PHYTIC ACID, professionals recognize this and also blocks the absorption of calcium, magnesium, zinc and also her important minerals in the intestinal tract. So there you go, it soybean oil any soy assets produce depression bereason it is poison and you shed vitamins tright here is so a lot even more, however that could be the burning impact and the PRESERVATIVES in the cocoa you are comsuming.