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Please if anyone right here has had actually issues via their trunk opening on its very own and you found a settle let me know. I"ve currently been to the dealer and they reinserted my trunk relay switch...this was 2 weeks earlier, well the problem is still there i cannot even cshed the trunk until the trunk latch stops clicking its own, I"ve referred to as Chrysler and to my surpclimb they said they never heard of anyone having actually this worry yet an easy Internet search shows this is an worry via many human being, also on this board I found threads exactly how have the right to Chrysler say they never heard of this I"m certain if I didn"t pay my automobile bill every month they would certainly be on my arse yet they don"t seem to give a crap 2013 sxt blacktop

Wish you luck male, hopetotally someone chimes in via a solution that worked in their situation until then I"d just save going back to the dealer until they fix it. Try asking for a loaner so they can keep it without you making numerous trips.
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I"ve heard fairly a couple of world that have actually had actually this trouble. Best point you have the right to perform it take it to the dealer and obtain it documented. They may attempt replacing other components. I think someone shelp that you have the right to de-activate the passive entry though the options menu, and also that could aid, however do not quote me on that.

Yea this taken place on my dad"s 300S. They took it to the dealer last week, dealer sassist there"s a recall in area however they haven"t gained the parts yet. So who knows really.

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Trunk popping openHello,I had actually the same problem on the 2011 I use to have actually and also after 3 trips to the dealership they lastly solved it by replacing the trunk wire harness. Had it for 7 months after that and also no worries. Have a 2013 Daytona now and so far have not had actually this take place but sad that it is still happening on the more recent models. I called Chrysler and also told them about it as soon as I was having the trouble and also they to advised they had actually not heard of it. The dealership in NJ also had actually not seen it before. If you look approximately there have actually been countless short articles around this starting with the 2011 design year.Good Luck getting it solved.Steve

This happened to me on the freemethod. Trunk just popped open up. I did my research study and also discovered that the latch and the component the latch grabs on to doesnt line up properly. However, you discussed the trunk latch keeps clicking so a relay worry is what I would certainly think. Take it earlier again ! Don"t let them acquire away with BS. Hope you acquire it resolved shortly....
We"ll I guess I"ll find out going to a various dealer this week, Steve which dealer in jersey solved it? I"m in main jersey. We have all v8 chargers at work and also so much this has actually not occurred to our marked units give thanks to god, I would hate to be on the highmethod picking up pieces of my gear. This just sucks

We"ll I called the dealership and also they told me 2 weeks for an appt unless I wanted to leave my auto for a pair of days so I sassist ok....... Do you have loaners.....they told me no Chrysler does not supply us with loaners..... I called Chrysler they said WHAT! Chrysler called and also told me that they told them they didn"t have the loaners accessible bereason they only get ten.... So they lied to me well Chrysler readdressed the worry through the loaner and also dropping my automobile off to these scumbags now. Anyone in nj never ever before buy a auto from sansone dodge in avenel nj. I actually pulled over their sales manager for speeding in his Daytona I let him go and also he told me he was having actually trunk issues too on his 2014 Daytona however I guess the organization dept doesn"t talk to the sales dept..... Shady shady people I"m past frustrated