my new phone is frozen. I can't revolve it off. It won't respond at all. Only to turning the screen on and off. What deserve to I do?



my zte max xl rebooted by itself this morning and has been stuck on the virgin mobile screen considering that. I have actually tried a factory recollection and also I have actually likewise tried to execute a continual reset, every little thing I try nopoint appears to settle it. it constantly ends up stuck at the exact same spot. 



Literally bought this phone 3 hrs earlier...and it froze up¡ I had to hold the power button for 20sec for to come back on. I hope it does happen again.

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Nothing is functioning its frozen on the app I was on (Google Playstore) I tried every little thing on this web page heeellllpppppp!!!!!!!!!!

If this happens just host in the power button for 20-30 secs and also it need to restart and be all better , this worked for me so i hope it'll occupational for you too!

Omg many thanks so much.. Phone froze up did the pc host the up volum switch and also begin switch and also waaalaa it came on thanks men
Started having actually the difficulty this particular day wbelow my touch display feature "putting in my password" for example wouldn't work I might dim the screen by pressing the power button on and off however the touch display wouldn't work as soon as I hold the power button to turn the phone off yet all it does is restart and same problem proceeds yet after a while periodically work-related I will certainly attempt some of the suggestions offered in this threview and provide my feedback if the trouble continues

This is the second time my phone has actually done this. It will certainly randomly freeze up and also the only method to get it earlier to normal is to let the battery die and also then charge it. It will not also let me rotate my phone off. Is anyone else having this problem?

I have had actually my ZMAX act up a few times however I was always able to power off and also on. Today it completely froze. It responds to the hard volume essential and to dim the display, but it would not offer me the restart/off alternatives on the display screen. I simply held the power switch for 10 seconds and it vibrated and reboot itself. I tried hooking to the computer and it didn't aid. good luck

I updated my phone this morning, and it froze entirely. Store only offered me choice of sending earlier. Do any of the suggestions work?

My mommy zte zmax is all the way frozen. We tried holding the power switch dvery own to rebegin it with out reseting the totality phone yet its still froze. We tried calling it from one more phone yet its froze while vibrating.

additionally when it freezes, go to one more phone and speak to yourself. This has actually helped me twice. hope it helps you all also.

OMG this operated perfect!!! hooked as much as COMPUTER then pressed power switch and up volume por 10 seconds and also boom!!! reboot!!

My phone was unresponsive so I associated it to the pc and pc did not recognize it. So step 2 while still plugged to pc I organized the Volume up and also power button dvery own at very same time after 10 to 15 secs later it came on and also provided me the alternative to reboot. It works! Hope this helps .. Good Luck. :)

Yes, holding the power button resolves this concern if tright here is no hardware problem such as " fryed chips or water damage ". For some odd qurik mine often tends to fail to boot offering me a "ftm" displayed on the display. Aacquire, holding the power button fixs this and also the phone boots up.

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Avoid button mashing and also closing videos while they are still playing. To rebegin your frozen phone hold the power switch until the phone goes off. Be patient it takes around 10 seconds.

After I gain my phone unfrozen just how execute I get my phone to come ago on execute I wait for it to charge then get it to come back on

Yeah a link to pc should unstick it or u deserve to execute the hard recollection..the vol and power switch...however instead of choosing wipe or reset..Just pick restart

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