Attack On Titan: 10 Dead Giveaways Reiner Was The Armored Titan All Along A few of the indications in the manga and also anime were a lot more obvious than others, leading as much as among the best plot twists in the franchise.

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When Attack on Titan initially started, among the greatest dangers in the series was the Armored Titan. As fans were led to think that the only human being around were in Paradis and that titans were incredibly different creatures than they turned out to be, they never before suspected that Reiner Braun was the Armored Titan. Even though it"s extremely noticeable looking back on it.

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There were hints throughout the series pointing to Reiner"s true identity ever given that he was presented. But some of the indicators in the manga and also anime were much even more obvious than others, leading as much as among the finest plot twists in the franchise.

Reiner AOT
Just by looking at Reiner and also the Armored Titan, fans might have involved the conclusion that they were associated.

Even though fans didn"t know that Reiner was when they initially experienced the Armored Titan (and wouldn"t have believed about their similarities for a while,) things have to have end up being clear once Eren became a titan (and when the Female Titan was reveabrought about be Annie.)

Attack on Titan Reiner Season 4 Episode 3
Reiner has actually most management skills. He"s very smart and also quick to take activity, despite tbelow being no factor for him to lead anyone in the beginning of the series. He was one of the newest soldiers in the armed forces and also didn"t have any type of obligations.

It would certainly be different for someone choose Commander Erwin or Captain Levi to act prefer this. But considering that he is someone that supposedly has actually no even more understanding or suffer fighting titans than the human being approximately him, it didn"t make the majority of sense that he acted this way.

When the series initially began, fans thought that titans ate everyone exterior of the walls and that in order to escape from them, every one of the survivors checked out Paradis. However, looking ago on it, it"s apparent that this was a lie from the incredibly beginning. How would everyone on the earth recognize to go to one specific location? Why were the citizens of Paradis forbidden from learning about the external world?

If fans thought about the establishing rather than concentrating on the plot and also characters, they can have actually realized that tright here were people exterior of Paradis, and also Reiner could have easily been one of them, particularly after he told Eren and Armin that the the majority of essential point to him was going earlier residence.

7 He Was Near Eren, Mikasa, And Armin When The Titans Broke Into Paradis

Bertholdt Reiner kids
After the Colossal and Armored Titans broke into Wall surface Maria, Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and also many other citizens in the external wall escaped right into Wall surface Rose. Among these civilization, Bertholdt and also Reiner might be watched posing as civilians.

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Though it wasn"t in this specific scene, Annie also showed up below and no various other characters (prefer Sasha, Jean, or Historia) were anywhere in sight. If fans rewatched the series after learning that Annie was the Female Titan and noticed that Bertholdt and Reiner were additionally here, it could have actually been exceptionally noticeable that they were also titan shifters.

When Eren first met his fellow comrades in the 10fourth Cadet Corps, he told them that he resided in Shiganshina, bring about them to ask many type of inquiries around the titans. During this conversation, Eren was asked around the Armored Titan.

While he answered, Reiner might be watched watching the group of soldiers as he took a drink. This subtle authorize proves that Hajime Isayama planned for Reiner to be the Armored Titan from the incredibly beginning of the franchise.

5 He Was Around Marco At Around The Time He Died

One of the initially characters in the series that passed away was Marco, a fellow soldier in the 104th Cadet Corps that wanted to sign up with the Military Police Brigade. He was approximately Annie, Bertholdt, and Reiner a lot in the time of the Battle of Trost District arc up till he was eliminated.

However, fans wouldn"t uncover out exactly how he died till a lot later in the series. It was ultimately revealed that Annie played a role in his dead and also so it made many sense that Reiner did as well. In truth, Reiner is the one that made Annie help him in killing their comrade.

When the Female Titan was presented, Armin concluded that she was a titan shifter quite than a normal or abnormal titan. He spoke about Eren"s area via Reiner, that was captured by the Female Titan moments later on and also practically "died".

However before, he had the ability to escape as he slashed her hand also, which she looked at before running in a different direction. It turned out that Reiner purposely gained captured and also slamelted Annie"s hand also, informing her wright here Eren was so they can follow with on their mission and also take his Founding Titan.

3 He Tried Convincing Connie That Titans Can"t Speak

When Connie went back to his house, Ragako, he uncovered that everyone that lived tbelow was gone. However before, the equines they would have traveled through were still in the stables and also the buildings in the village were destroyed. One titan was on height of Connie"s house and also couldn"t move. This titan, who turned out to be Connie"s mother, tried to soptimal to him.

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Shocked to hear a titan talk, he wasn"t certain if what he heard was actual. Reiner, who was through him at the moment, convinced him that he was simply hearing points. However, this was only to proccasion Connie from discovering the truth about titans.

Though they never before revealed much around themselves and also lied around where they came from, Reiner and Bertholdt did not keep their friendship an enigma. Everyone kbrand-new that they grew up together and kbrand-new each various other years prior to joining the 104th Cadet Corps.

When Connie asked Bertholdt if Reiner was constantly the solid and also brave soldier that he kbrand-new him as, Bertholdt said that he wasn"t and also dubbed him a "warrior", hinting that tbelow was something even more to them than met the eye.

1 He And Bertholdt Were Terrified To See The Beastern Titan

Like Reiner, Bertholdt, and also Annie, Zeke, the Beastern Titan, was among Marley"s various other warriors. Reiner and also Bertholdt hadn"t seen the Beastern Titan since they checked out Paradis. Years later, they observed him aacquire and were terrified that the Marleyans weren"t happy through how lengthy it was taking them to end up their mission. Seeing as how Reiner and also Bertholdt are a lot more powerful than Ymir, Connie, and also Historia were, it was strange to check out them get even more scared than the various other soldiers, who were simply a small surprised.

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Even with the Beast Titan being so different than the enemies they were offered to, it hadn"t done anypoint virtually as terrifying as their Armored and Colossal Titans at this point in the series.

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