The 2 of them do not look alike at all. They are both water form, I understand that. But just how does a fish rotate into an octopus?! It"s not logical.

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First, I know this is old, but I simply wanted to say:

There, in fact, is a clear explanation for this. It has to do via their beta sprites, as viewed below (alongside their final sprites):


Remoraid"s beta sprite looked like a gun and also Octillery"s looked favor a soldier (this is backed up also more by having "raid" and "artillery" in their name etymology).

They were fundamentally based off of the ideas of guns/projectile weapons and sea creatures.

This didn"t make sense anymore after the dev"s made a decision to edit the design, mayhap bereason they didn"t desire to offfinish anyone (Guns in children"s games, and so on.).

Hope I helped!

answeredSep 9, 2018by Staka~selectedSep 9, 2018by Fizz
Furthermore, Remoraid is maybe in component based off of the Archer Fish, which is recognized for shooting water (to knock prey off branches and into the water), and octupi are recognized for shooting ink, making them both aquatic animals known for shooting projectiles (even more backed up by the gun/tank design template in their beta designs).Although if you ask me, they really have to have actually readjusted the deindicators a bit and switched which one was progressed and also unevolved, bereason octupi are lame and also simply use their projectiles to flee favor the cowards they are, while Archer Fish are cool and also smart sufficient to realize that they have actually accessibility to a real-life Hydro Pump (or at leastern Water Gun), so of course they’re going to be sweepers and usage it to hunt.

Tright here is only one explanation to this: Only GameFreak knows.

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They wanted to construct it like this, definitely. Tbelow is no various other explanation, I guess.

Baby octopus

answeredNov 10, 2012by JirachiCelebiMew

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