Jokes can affect various human being in various methods. Sometimes, a joke can be funny to one perkid however offend another. RuPaul newly told such a joke. 

It was around having a colostomy bag, and also currently fans are wondering whether RuPaul actually has a colostomy bag or whether he was simply informing a joke seemingly at the price of those who execute usage one.

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If RuPaul does indeed have a colostomy bag, then many angry world on the internet could owe him an apology.

RuPaul's Drag Race is a bonafide success for VH1 with a whopping 13 periods on the air, and it doesn't look prefer there's any kind of sign of the present slowing dvery own. 

Tbelow have actually been some controversial comments from RuPaul that have actually upset Drag Race viewers over the years. Recently, he quipped that he required to "watch out for my colostomy bag." 

Many type of fans took to social media and wrote blog posts around the "insensitive" nature of the joke, stating that it unfairly targets those via disabilities and also makes light of human being who have to live through a condition that necessitates being outfitted with such a machine.


But it likewise led some to think that RuPaul does indeed wear one. However before, there isn't a lot information virtual to suggest whether or not he actually wears a colostomy bag. One Redditor, Regular-Fennel-1453 composed, "RuPaul does have actually one. In Season 1 of Drag Race, she excoffered herself because it burst and she needed to go to the bathroom.

Also, she stated it on Seachild 4 of Untucked while being tucked into her seat on the judges' panel."

But if RuPaul does indeed have one, he hasn't explicitly talked about it...unmuch less the "jokes" that he is saying on the present are actual recommendations to the fact that he does rock a colostomy bag.

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If you don't understand what a colostomy bag is, it's a clinical tool that helps people that have actually difficulty naturally passing fecal issue.

Medical News Today specifies it: "A colostomy bag is a plastic bag that collects fecal issue from the digestive tract with an opening in the abdominal wall referred to as a stoma. Doctors attach a bag to the stoma following a colostomy procedure."

The outlet goes on to write, "A person frequently requirements a colostomy because of injury, disease, or an additional concern through the reduced bowels. In some cases, the colostomy is temporary. In other situations, such as the removal of the colon because of colon cancer, the colostomy might be long-term."