Sammy, the narrator of “A&P,” is an opinionated, sarcastic, disimpacted teenager through a healthy interemainder in the oppowebsite sex and a keen observational sense. Sammy notices everything roughly him, and he drinks in eincredibly detail of the girls’ physical appearance, from the texture and fads of their bathing suits to the different boundaries of their tan lines. Sammy goes beyond the surchallenge details to glean insights about the people he observes. For instance, Queenie’s dangling bra straps are intensely interesting in a pucount sensual method, yet they are also clues from which he starts to construct a photo of her inner life. Once he hears the girls sheight, his photo becomes even more in-depth, as he is able to get an impression of Queenie’s social standing. Sammy’s concentrated observations and descriptions disclose his very own prejudices and blind spots. For instance, Sammy’s frankly lustful ogling of the girls reveals a specific immaturity, and also he is dismissive and also contemptuous of the A&P customers, seeing them as “sheep” and “houseservants.” He is equally dismissive of his coworker Stokesie, whom Sammy sarcastically presents as an unimagiaboriginal drone.

The irony of Sammy’s sense of superiority is that he realizes that, in the eyes of the affluent, carecost-free Queenie, he should seem simply prefer Stokesie and the straight-laced Lengel. His desire to set himself acomponent from them—to prove that he is different—compels him to quit his task. However, he announces, “I quit” mostly bereason he desires the girls to overhear him, and the gesture loses resonance as soon as he realizes they didn’t notification it. It appears much less wise once he is left not through admiration yet with a vague guilt and doubt about his rash action. Sammy’s desire for Queenie, which begins just as a young man’s interest in a pretty girl, ends up as a desire for escape from the A&P and, in impact his very own life. The human being he imagines via Queenie—a civilization of innovative paleas, summer vacations, and also the liberty to neglect the social standards of places favor the A&P—makes him hunger for opportunities beyond his limited suffer. In resigning his place, Sammy is trying to signal his wanted membership in this glamorous different people and exercise his desire to make a new life.

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