Fen"Harel is a understand of strategy and deception. But Solas slips up fairly a few times in Inquisition and also it all shows that he isn"t that he appears.

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Split photo of Solas and also Solas in the Winter Palace with Lavellan.
Love him or hate him, Solas is smart. His habits throughout Inquisition was so air-tight that no companion might crack into him, also if they had actually moments of suspicion.

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Inquisition is worth playing more than when, just to experience Solas from a brand-new perspective. The way he carries himself with the story without anyone realizing who he really is and also what he is trying to perform have the right to put even the Solas haters in awe. Everypoint he says suddenly has brand-new interpretation.

However before, there are some moments when Solas almost cracks and blows his cover. Nearly.

Updated on August 26, 2021 by Jamie Pellikaan: With Dragon Era 4 seemingly so close yet so much away, many type of players are re-suffering the wonders and magic that is Dragon Age: Inquisition. By currently, Solas’ betrayal and also ultimate disclose as the elven god Fen’harel is a lot less of a shock than it is the result of great foreshadowing done by the writers. Solas either intentionally, or by accident, virtually shatters his very closely built mask of a lonely hermit mage. Whether with out-of-conmessage comments or his starray actions throughout the main questline, we've added even more times we all should have watched what Solas was truly as much as.


Solas in the quest: A New, Faded for Her
During his individual search, All New Faded For Her, Solas mirrors an angry side of himself that players carry out not check out often. In reality, unless stopped by the Inquisitor, he kills mperiods that summoned a spirit and turned her into a demon. The mperiods were not precisely poor people; they were just ignorant of what they were really doing.

Regardless of that, Solas was ready to end their lives for what they did. In a sense, this is a huge clue to Solas's concealed nature. Ignorance is not a valid excusage for those who took away what he loved. In that feeling, he proved he is not afrassist to kill (mostly) innocent people.

Corypheus with the orb.
It takes a villain to know a villain. If spoken to every action of the way with the plot, Solas predicts what Corypheus will do following via shocking precision. For instance, best before the last encounter through Corypheus, Solas says "You have actually waylaid all his other plans. Now, as a petulant son, he will ruin the game board rather than admit defeat. Be all set for anything. He still believes himself a god, and gods do not autumn gracecompletely."

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In that quote, Solas additionally lays dvery own a hint of his understanding of the fevery one of gods. After all, players later on learn that he himself took down the Evanuris. Also, this quote from Solas is exactly what happens. Corypheus recklessly throws every little thing at the Inquisition in one final stand.

Solas talking to qunari Inquisitor.
Players who played as qunari knew about this side of Solas even more than others. He sees qunari as brutes, savperiods, and myopic authoritarians. If he becomes friends through a qunari Inquisitor, rather of altering his mind about qunari, he thinks the Inquisitor is just "special" and "different". As many players provided, this echoes the real-world sentiment behind the "version minority".

This is a close-minded watch -- one that deserve to make Solas easily demonize others just because they are different from him and what he knows. It is a dangerous and also cruel means to think, yet it is what leads the Dreview Wolf to relentlessly seek his purposes.

11 Breaking Up With Lavellan

Solas breaking up with Lavellan.
It was Lavellan players that almost cracked totally with Solas. Unfortunately, Solas experienced this coming and damaged up with them prior to they could. During the separation, he stays clear of giving a valid factor and also the split is likewise sudden. He did not seem to setup on it, making it among the few instances Solas makes a reckless decision.

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Fans have picked this cutscene acomponent in order to understand also Solas. It shows up that a sad Lavellan harms him all the even more while an angry one renders the breakup a small easier. Solas feels favor he deserves her hatred, yet is not ready to view someone that still loves him.

Even more, telling is a banter Cole have the right to have actually later on -- one in which he states this prior to Solas stops him: "He (Solas) harms, an old pain from before when everything sang the very same. You're genuine, and it means everyone could be actual. It alters whatever, but it can't. They sleep, masked in a mirror, hiding, hurting, and to wake them...." This isn't exactly justice for Lavellan players, however it's a begin.

Solas might have had one also many drinks throughout the Winter Palace quest. If he is lugged, he will certainly cite that he enjoys political intrigue. In reality, he actually says he misses it. Immediately the Inquisitor asks as soon as and where he competent it prior to and he avoids the question.

At first glance, no one would expect Solregarding be a herbal in the Winter Palace; but, he is. He even has sound advice for the Inquisitor on just how to strategy the instance. He tells them to mingle through the servants as they will certainly know what is really going on. Now if just he can define his questionable choice in hats.

Asking him questions regularly gets the Inquisitor approval from Solas, but just if they are inquiries that don't put him in a hot spot. This happens both via the Inquisitor, and also companions. For example, Blackwall as soon as asks Solas if he ever before battled in a war prior to because of him discussing seeing fatality and also devastation. In fact, he especially asks if it was an Elvhen skirmish. Solas states, "In a manner of speaking, yes," and leaves it at simply that.

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Anvarious other example is when Solas gives Sera advice about her organization and speaks to her prefer a good organization/revolution strategist out of nowright here. Sera easily asks him just how he learned all this and he states he learned from the Fade. In reality, the Fade is his go-to excusage for most concerns that could have actually unveiled his identity.

8 His Dislike Of Grey Wardens

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Solas does not favor it if the Inquisition allows the Grey Wardens sign up with. In fact, he appears to disprefer the Wardens a good deal. When asked why, he tends to prevent the question or restraight to another subject. Fans can also capture his distaste for the group in Crestlumber through the potentially tragic character of Jana.

Fans have actually questioned around this aspect of Solas for a while. A popular concept is that the Grey Wardens can be a powerful organization that he himself might need to defeat later on. He would fairly view them weakened currently than face them later in his plot. Other theories involve who exactly the Old Gods stem from; might they be corrupted Evanuris?

Other characters have commented on the oddity of Solas yet never gained deep sufficient to unveil his plans or identity. For example, Vivienne can say "I don't understand what to make of Solas. So much knowledge and so bit individual background...I find that...peculiar, don't you?" Sera have the right to say, "His head's crammed up a thousand also years earlier," which is actually closer to the fact than any type of companion can realize.

The Iron Bull, that is especially clever and functions as a spy, additionally notices that Solas is odd. He says in one banter, "You've gained an odd style, Solas. Your spells are a little bit different from the Circle mperiods or the Vints. I've viewed self-taught warriors. Even the great ones have somepoint awkward in their style, somepoint that clunks. I don't gain that from you." But no one can pin dvery own the Dread Wolf.