Myth constantly used to fascinate me. More than the story, it was the interpretations that I loved. The complying with is an extract from "The Alchemist" by people renowned author, Paulo Coelho. "The alchemist picked up a book that someone in the caravan had lugged. Leafing with the peras, he discovered a story about Narcissus.The alchemist kbrand-new the legfinish of Narcissus, a youth who knelt day-to-day next to a lake to condesign template his own beauty. He was so fascinated by himself that, one morning, he fell right into the lake and drowned. At the spot wbelow he dropped, a flower was born, which was referred to as the narcissus.But this was not exactly how Oscar Wilde, the writer of the book, ended the story.He said that once Narcissus died, the goddesses of the forest appeared and also found the lake, which had been fresh water, transdeveloped right into a lake of salty tears.“Why perform you weep?” the goddesses asked.“I weep for Narcissus,” the lake replied.“Ah, it is no surprise that you weep for Narcissus,” they sassist, “for though we always gone after him in the woodland, you alone could contemplate his beauty close at hand also.”

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“But…was Narcissus beautiful?” the lake asked.“Who much better than you to understand that?” the goddesses sassist in wonder. “After all, it was by your financial institutions that he knelt each day to contemplate himself!”The lake was silent for some time. Finally, it said:“I weep for Narcissus, yet I never noticed that Narcissus was beautiful.“I weep because, each time he knelt alongside my banks, I might view, in the depths of his eyes, my own beauty reflected.”“What a lovely story,” the alchemist believed."
So many different factors and interpretations one can make from it. When I first check out this, I had actually so many type of reasons as to why Narcissus had actually to spend the whole of his life at the lake.When Narcissus bent down at the river he witnessed his very own reflection and fell in love with it, and also the river did the exact same thing as well. Even the lake saw, in Narcissus"s eyes its own beauty that it faibrought about see in anyone else"s eyes. Maybe tbelow was, an invisible knowledge, or fairly, a comfort that each uncovered in the other. Narcissus, was undoubtedly self obsessed, and one might say it was "vanity" at its highest. But maybe, Narcissus, despite the reality that he was proud, only discovered comfort in the lake (as his true friend), and also as soon as he passed away, he offered the "one and only" valuable point to him back to the lake - his own self and also body. Sometimes, I feel that both faicaused realise the beauty in anypoint else yet themselves. There was so much beauty in the human being roughly them. Narcissus fairesulted in realize the love of a nymph named "Echo" who remained in love with him. As I pointed out earlier that they both uncovered comfort in each various other, they likewise uncovered "love" through each other. Only the lake can make Narcissus feel love for himself and vice versa. Its a really crucial note even in our day to day resides. Only some world in your life can make you realize you are wanted and that you can "love".As the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". What I uncover beautiful is not what you would. And not eexceptionally single perchild in your life is going to make you feel that you are.

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But tright here will certainly be a Narcissus who will certainly make you feel beautiful, bereason you deserve that. Afterall, aren"t we all that lake, waiting eternally for that Narcissus to arrive and look through us to ultimately make us realize ourselves?