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Marisa With 2 Teen Girls from Wisconsin I"m so sorry for all your losses and also pain!! My deepest condolences to you all!! I fear I may be on below one day feeling your pain.. Its currently 4:30 a.m as my 18 yr old that just graduated (6 months at an early stage earlier in November I may add) had constantly done remarkable.. Now i feel prefer she"s going earlier words.. I"ve been trying to call her v the previous few hrs and had actually no luck which the day she turned 18 she rerelocated life 360.. So i sat outside on my deck waiting for her as she finds it absolutely hilarious and also trys breathing in my confront saying she wasn"t drinking as I do not drink so I smell nothing yet liquor!! I"m shed through her being 18 once i talk it"s a battle then a war then she will not sheight to me for days.. I never before thought I"d go threw this via her!! She will not do counseling I was party $200 a month for virtual and also out if thre 3 months she did 2 visits!! Oh lord please be through my Angel and safeguard her and offer her thre toughness to perform better through herself!!Sopheap from The Top, IlThis song is provided in a fanfic I am analysis called I created a really fricking sad fan fictionMitchell Hansen from Grand Island also, NebraskaI have actually the honor and also pleasure of addressing persons in a recoexceptionally facility, on a monthly basis. I listen to this song eincredibly time I am to speak, to aid me emphasis and provide a message that has actually interpretation to the patients where they are at this particular day. Thank you so a lot for this beautiful "hymn"!Frank Smith from Mesa Az.My boys CJ and also Nolan were taken from us do to a drunk driver. My boys would certainly sing this song over and also over up till the accident. I had actually no clue the definition of the song. We researched it and played at their funeral. Ed Lindsey from Susquehanna, PaGo To this internet site and review Megan"s Story and what you deserve to do around drunk chauffeurs. Leave a comment Julianne will certainly respond to you... Lindsey from Susquehanna, PaIf you really desire to execute somepoint about drunk driving simply go to Julianne Evans web site and click on to among the You Tube Videos she has actually posted. Julianne is a writer from Arizona and she created about my one and only grand-daughter who just turned 5 years of age. Her last words to my wife as my wife organized her on a financial institution waiting for aid to arrive was this. " Grammy I Can Not Breathe!" the medics took her bereason she started thrashing around. She died in course in a helicopter. Leave a comment for Julianne and also she will certainly respond to you. Here is her web site: from Toronto, OnSimple Plan wrote this song simply after one of their friends was eliminated in a drunk driving accident.Joel from Princeton-plainsboro, NjI can"t aid yet start to cry when I play this song. I lost the love of my life as a result of a website traffic accident. Very emotionsl. I rank this one up tbelow via Some Devil By Dave MatthewsIain from Medford, Maalso though i cant relate to it, as soon as i was just 12 i heard this song on the radio and also i didnt understand it, and also as soon as my cousin told me what it expected, the following time i listened to it, i cried so hard, i couldn"t also breathe.Jamie from Forremainder, ArMy kid"s and I were hit head on by a drunk driver the day prior to Halloween. My youngest daughter had actually to have plastic surgical treatment and also I almost lost my life, because of inner bleeding. This song brings back soo many kind of memories of the night that I lay"d there in soo a lot pain and also had actually to tell myself to not offer up!I fought and I made it and also say thanks to God, my daughter did to!Christine from Mission Viejo, CaSimple Plan composed this for their friend, Ryan Hilliard (I think), that was drunk driving, gained in an accident, and killed his friend. The guy visited my institution and also talked around his experience and also just how human being shouldn"t do drunk driving...Jana from Prague, Czech Republicto Sadie, Midland also, Canada: no, it"s not about Patrick, they simply used his nickname in the video. His name is Patrick Langlois. This song is excellent, btw. Sad, however amazing...Nathan Ritz from Marengo , Ini start to cry when i hear this song bereason the day my dad left me i was listening to this song. he didnt also say he loved me or my brother before he left, he just hit my mommy, gained in his truck and also left, and i never before saw him aget, i check out him in public occasionally but its prefer he dont identify me, i never before really had actually a dad, my brothers have been the closest point to a dad i have ever hadKyle from Cuba, MoThe song brings eactivity to me. The factor is that my aunt,uncle,and cousin were killed in a car accident virtually 16 years back. The reason it does bring emotion is that I was born on my aunt and uncle"s 5th anniversary.Melody from London, United KingdomHow heartless are you, Llyle????? I intend, have you ever stopped to consider the factors why world drink in the first place? Sure, tright here isn"t always a reason why you should feel sorry for them, however the sorrow and regret they express after that is so genuine I can"t assist however let it touch my heart. Maybe you"ll only realise that once you lose someone close to you.Llyle from London, United KingdomMelody, I recognize this is going to sound harsh, yet in my opinion, this that drink drive carry every little thing upon themselves. It isn"t really anything to feel sorry for. Sure, you can regret their actions and also all, but their initially mistake wasn"t actually getting into the vehicle, it was obtaining drunk in the initially place. However, this song portrays a broad variety of reactions in an extremely efficient means.Melody from London, United KingdomMy finest friend was in an accident because of driving with as well a lot alcohol. He felt nearly specifically the way the song expresses. I"ll never foracquire the means he sassist to me, "Why did it take place to me? How might it?" I feel kind of sorry for all those world that drink drive. To me, it"s type of prefer being mental. You don"t understand what you"re really doing then once your sober aget you realise exactly how stupid it was: for this reason, "exactly how might this take place to me?"Symbolic from Lansing, MiI relate to this song bereason I"ve put myself in a poor case appropriate now. So I simply am screaming, exactly how can this occur to me? I never believed I would perform this would happen to me, as the song says, and I"m screaming, because it was all in my very own hands. I feel the pain and frustration of the song. Regardless of the instance, once something happens and also you want to revolve earlier the clock, this song fits.Cow from Nashville, MnI originally believed this song was around self-destruction... I see the error currently. My friend virtually comitted self-destruction :(Joey from Decatur, Inyea, i didnt think it was about Drunk driving accidents too, i kind of thought it was a suicide point too, a perkid that is hurt and also doesn"t understand also why(plus one more hint why i believed it was self-destruction was the line "I"m sick of this life")Bishbop from Lolville, Barbadosi understand its about drink driving however i prefer listening to it to translate it as favor feeling ignored nd depressed and really fed up. thats exactly how i listen to it also tho i recognize i know its not tha proper definition.Lauren from Kansas City, MoThis song is supplied for the thousands of drivers and teens that die in drunk driving connected accidents. It was writen bereason Simple Plan lost a frifinish to a drunk driver.Alexis from Virginia Beach, VaIf anyone has actually checked out the news about the 2 girls that died in my hometvery own by the drunk illegal immaprovide, Tessa and also Allichild, you might understand how a lot this song implies to me. Tessa was a friend of mine and also after she passed away this song hit me favor a ton of bricks. My family works for the city and I check out ALOT of drunk driving crashes. The photos that the households and news channels DON"T watch, the graphic ones and also the one that sauto your memory.Drunk driving is the dumideal point ever. It is the only thing in life you deserve to truely 100% proccasion. I ask namong you to do it EVER and also not let anyone you know, or even do not understand, do it either.R.I.P- Tessa Tranchant & Allichild Kunhardt Cassidy from Montactual, CanadaOkay, full story: Amber Doughty (1989-2000) passed away in 2000 as a result of a drunk driving hit-and-run, along with a frifinish, Dahlia I believe. When her father was referred to as to recognize the body he uncovered that despite her being dead she showed up to be sleeping so he picked her up in order to host her one last time and say his goodbyes. He was met with an unpleasant surpincrease when the hand also cradling her head sunk via the skull to fulfill blood and also bone. The earlier of her head had actually been entirely cruburned. He crumpled and also a nurse rumelted to him to aid him to a seat and wipe the blood off his hand also and offer him a glass of water. The young man that hit her (I recognize him just as Steiner) was convicted for hit-and-run via the help of a frifinish who had actually been referred to as by him and who had been told that Steiner was "pissed off" for hitting the two girls and also the friend who wregarding deal with his car on the sly. They were unable to pin him for drunk driving (he"d remained in hiding for roughly 24 hours)despite tright here being numerous witnesses to testify that he had actually been heavily inebriated when he left the very same bar as Amber and also Dahlia, and had been caught drunk at the wheel four other times. The prosecution was asking for at least ten years in prikid, whereas Steiner (and the best drunk-driving defence lawyer in Canada)was aking for ten years community business. Steiner got 2 years in prikid through probation:in the finish he invested 31 days in jail. In brief the girl"s father angry and also bereaved opened up a MADD chapter in the West Island also of Montgenuine (Quebec, Canada)and also has presentations telling his story in highcolleges in the location. It was at among these presentations that a member of Simple Plan was inspired to compose this song. I learnt this from among the presentations myself though my memory of numbers is sketchy. Kelsi from I-town(ionia, MiThe song is around one of their friends in high college acquired killed by a drunk driver....and passed is really sadOllie from London, Englandyeah ... i thought this song was about someone commiting self-destruction, perhaps i just have a mind prefer that. lol.ah well, Simple Plan are really good ...Stephan from Pw, Nythis song is the a lot of Emo song ive ever heard, tbelow is no means its around drunk driving, im sorry, but you are all just rwarAllichild from Veitnam, PaI choose This Sight!!!!!!!!!!Joel from Columbia, ScTo be hocolony I didn"t know this song was around drunk driving. I was under the impression it was about the twin towers blowing up. I never observed the video so I will certainly simply need to take everybody"s word that is around dui. Peace.Jessie from Coffee County, TnThis song to me is so coherent. Just do not drink and drive!!! If you do, you not just influence the perkid you crashed into, you impact your household, their family, and yourself. Simple Plan rocks!!!Eric Cartmale from What, United Statesok untitled (just how could this take place to me?)is not the exact same as gc"s hold on cuz tbelow is a difference in between drunk vehicle drivers and also killing yourself not a lot however tbelow isBeans from Philadelphia, Pai love this song yet eincredibly time i listen to it it makes me cry...Amber from Anchorage, Akfor mr. main (this challenge in my school) (choose homecomeing/prom queen)some guys talent was movie making and he put together pictures of things that occurred this year. part of it was the music video of this song. watching this made me think and the message was gaining across to me very well. but at the moment i wondered y this music video and also song were included in the movie. i know some children in my institution obtained right into a auto accident and they all endured and r doing fine (say thanks to god) but i dontno wut cause it. perhaps he offered this song because tright here was a drunk driver involved in the accident.Amber from Anchorage, Akit IS about an auto accident, because Simple Plan created it and obviously they wouldn"t be in a video clip (or let a video clip be produced) about their song as soon as its being portrayed int he wrong means. u deserve to think the interpretation is whatever you want, but im just saying what it is reall about. if you go on their myspace website theres a video of them actually saying what the song is about.Shannon from Honolulu, HiThis song suggests so a lot to me. My grandpa had been in a automobile accident from a drunk driver. He didn"t make it. He was the closest one to me in my totality family. He was the most caring, and also loving perkid in the human being. Whenever he saw someone begging for money or food on the street my grandpa would buy him a meal of food and give him some money. It broke my heart in 2 once I heard the news about him. I was so sad and also blamed myself for what had happened. Thinking why him? Why did it have to happen to him? What did he do wrong? Why couldn"t it have actually been me instead? But after I heard this song it made me realized he"s at a far better place now watching over me prefer he did when he was below. I still feel choose it"s my fault but all I understand is that I still love him and I recognize he"ll always be in my heart. I hope this song deserve to change your resides likewise.Monika from Birmingham, AlI cry as soon as i saw the videoMelissa from Toleperform, OhJust to let you recognize, it"s Untitled(How Could This Happen to Me) it"s not can.Pami from Charlotte, NcThe video provides the idea that it is an auto accident which is a great point; but, the lyrics could likewise be placed right into various other locations of one"s life. It, to me, is the deperation of someone who is in so a lot emotional pain and also they are at a loss as to exactly how to make it go ameans. They want someone to check out them, hear them...anyone and aid them take the pain amethod - start over, a brand-new life - forobtain all the past mistakes, because it harms as well much. "How could this happen to me?" It is exceptional because it deserve to take place to anyone. We all need to be even more alert to our family and also friends that simply might feel this means and require our assist.PamiCharlotte NCAshley Jade from Cleveland, GaIsn"t this song kinda prefer that Good Charlotte song around suicide?Shong from Wausau, Wiyeah i choose this"s really emotional for world to listen goes means deeper than simply a car have the right to be about something else...favor to a love one dieing or reasoning around the tough times...and also it"s the fact...dont drink and drive bereason it doesn"t effect one family and effects 2 families or also even basic plan excellent task...rock onJeevan from Brampton, CanadaSimple Plan is a pretty cool band. I like their lyrics the a lot of.Melissa from Toleperform, OhThis is among the saddest songs I have actually ever before heard. It gives a really excellent message that everyone have to listen to. Even if you do not like Simple Plan you deserve to still love the lyrics of this song and that"s one of the best points around Simple Plan is that u can relate to their lyrics so much!Veronica from Montreal, Utuntitled is sad and also and the sme think happend tome and it was not fun to be in a drinking and also driving actcident and that is why i am righting this so you"s guy out tright here to watch out and also be safe Veronica from Montreal, Uthow have the right to carry out this to me and also how can you carry out this to my family members and also why did u execute this to make my mother cry how could u execute this to your ideal frifinish have the right to you tell me why u did this to me and my brotherVeronica from Montactual, Utand also the person that passed away was my brother and i say that when you are alone that he is watching over me and also that is exactly how i am below to day bye veronica masseJohnny from Rockland, Mathis was the song that acquired me into straightforward plan, the reason i bought the still not getting any cd. this is hands dvery own an incredible song. no matter you think of straightforward arrangement this song stands apart from the remainder. the music is beautiful and also the video that goes along with it is incredibly poignant and also eye opening. this will certainly be one of my favorite sreduced songs of all time. give thanks to you basic plan.Ryan from Saskatoon, CanadaI think Simple Plan Rocks! People just do not acquire alternate music.. Some world aren"t into Hardcore scream-your-balls-off crap. Simple Plan"s acquired my vote! Simple Plan is coming back to Saskatoon. Chet from Flagstaff, Azwho cares what they look like!?its an excellent song.appreciate the song not the singer in the rainAmanda from Mt. Pleasant, MiI realize that this song is about drunk driving, yet, I think that it implies different things to various human being. My mommy attempted self-destruction in August and just imagining what she was going through and also learning just how made me feel, I can really relate to this song. I remember driving to and from the hospital listening to this song over and also over, it really had a big impact on me and still does. Wondering what I may have actually done wrong or what I could have done diff. at some points feeling favor my life was finishing and wondering "just how might this take place to me".Jillian from Portland, TxThis song is exceptionally solid. It shows a lot of eactivity. I cried so hard as soon as I first saw it. I am so anti-drunk driving and also anti-drugs its not even funny. Losing a frifinish to drunk driving is not fun.Kelsi from Ionia, MiMy friend just resently died in a car accident relating a drunk driver and also it has actually been extremely hard on my institution. my health teacher is likewise helping me talk to the stundents around drunk chauffeurs. my college has meetings eincredibly month just to remind us to not drink or drink and drive. you can also aid your very own college simply talk to your health teacher and they will certainly want to aid make somepoint i did! some of the students at my school have actually said no to drinking and i additionally have. i will certainly never before put a bottle o liquor to my mouth!Hope from Hayden, Althey wrote this song about their frifinish that was killed by a drunk driver. It"s so sweet.Morgan from New York, NyThis song is so distinct I really really favor this song and Simple Plan!!Mary from London, EnglandPierre is so hot in this video! He looks great in the rain! lol! I love this song so much! It"s pretty sad and also really emotinal. I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN! (ps: my city is Battle Ground, not Battle, this isnt even Pierre in the video. it reflects exactly how a lot you know around Simple Planand this song was writen for a high school frifinish of theres that passed away in a drunk driving accidentTakashi from Tokyo, JapanTHis was played in the time of a slideshow at my sister"s institution... it was on Drunk driving. And plus, they confirmed "Requiem For A Dream".Chelsea from Greer, Sci have the right to really understand this song bereason my sis (who would certainly be turin 18 in this year)was killed by an idot moved on the wrong side of the road while she was offered her friend a ride to school and it provides me think about exactly how so many peple have lost tbelow lifes becoase of idots that shoudnt even be driven**megz** from Stanny, AustraliaHow deep is this song, not that many songs have actually such a solid result as this one. I love it and also it likewise relates as a cshed friend passed away in a drink driving acident.I love sp and will be seeing them in concert on the 2 october 2005 i cant" wait. Love u guysSkye from Rockhampton, AustraliaUntitled is a very affective poem my stepdad nearlly eliminated himself by drink driving.straightforward arrangement is the ideal band also that i have actually come across they are not affrhelp to expush their feelingsSadie from Midland, Canadaokay u no patrick tbelow excellent frifinish that is on there dvd patrick cunningham the video was NOT around him right?Edward from Garner, NcThere"s...more of a message also this song, it may be against drunk driving...yet, it additionally sends more messperiods throughout...something they not of intentionally put"s favor...they"re saying..."How might I of screwed up? My life was perfect...? How might it of taken place also me?"...That was the ideal message I got...the message I got was that no matter exactly how young or old...just how fat or skinny...exactly how perfect or unperfect your life will constantly make a mistake...and also some mistakes you will certainly never before, ever before foracquire...some mistakes will hurt...really hurt...some mistakes will certainly be like a torrent of pain, consistently washing over your I said...this song maybe about drunk before anyone critizies me for it, I am not saying that is what they are saying, I am saying that is what I gained out of it.Lia from Adelaide, AustraliaI think that this song has really gotton a message throughout. When it was released everyone at college and everyone that i recognize was talking around it and also that drink driving is wrong. I am strongly against drink driving because i recognize a pair of human being who have been victims of this. i love this song and also the initially time i heard it and also witnessed the video clip i obtained really emotional. This song has had actually a major result on human being and hopecompletely now human being will certainly be even more conscious of the after-effects.xoxoShelby from Battle Round, InPierre is so warm in this video! He looks excellent in the rain! lol! I love this song so much! It"s pretty sad and really emotinal.

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I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN! (ps: my city is Battle Ground, not Battle from Miami, FlIf you pay attention to the Video...the message that is sent you drink and drive and also crash onto dont only influence that perkid...however you impact..yourself, your family, and also theirs... Simple Plan Rocks!Christa from Makati, OtherThis song"s so emotional...the video as well...SP rocks!see even more comments