Is Tien Human? Dragon Ball's Three-Eyed Race Explained What specifically is Tien, and why does he have actually 3 eyes? The Dragon Ball shows never really describe this. Here"s what you need to understand around his race.

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Dragon Ball Tien
What race exactly is the three-eyed Tien in the Dragon Ball universe? The Z-Warrior is a sustaining character in all 3 canon reflects in the anime franchise, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and also Dragon Ball Super. Tien was introduced as an antagonist who brutally beat Yamcha and also combated Goku in a martial arts tournament in the original series.

Tien developed right into a cshed ally who has actually aided Goku and his friends in many kind of of their battles. Alengthy with the rest of the Z-Warriors, Tien helped to hold off Nappa during the Saiyan Saga, and also participated in the fight against the androids and Cell. Tien had actually a minor duty in the Buu Saga, and went back to the activity to fight Frieza"s army in Dragon Ball Super. For the Tournament of Power, Tien was one of nine warriors recruited by Goku for the Universe 7 team. He was just the second fighter removed from Goku"s team, however he was able to contribute to their victory by taking out a dangerous devil.

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As someone whose power hasn"t been anywhere close to Goku"s given that Dragon Ball, Tien has actually never had actually a substantial existence in the franchise, however he has actually made appearances throughout all three mirrors as a peripheral character. That being sassist, the Dragon Ball mirrors still haven"t offered an explacountry for what Tien is and why he has three eyes. However, franchise creator Akira Toriyama and main Dragon Ball guidebooks referred to as Daizenshuu have actually offered some details around Tien and also wbelow he comes from. Apparently, Tien is a member of a race referred to as the Three-Eyed People that"s based upon Planet. That"s why Tien is generally classified as an Earthling, yet not as a huguy.

It was sassist in the guidepublications that a race of aliens known as the Three-Eyed People settled on Earth long earlier and created a tribe. One of their far-off descendants is Tien, and also he"s the only canon member of their species in the Dragon Ball world. It"s unclear if he"s the last of his sort, or if there just hasn"t been a factor to show any kind of even more of them. As for the objective of the 3rd eye, Toriyama has described that it provides the Three-Eyed People the power of "true seeing". According to Toriyama, Tien lost accessibility to this power when he was trained by the villain, Master Shen, as the eye is apparently meant to be provided for good only. Though he shed that power, he deserve to still thrive extra arms, which seems to be distinctive to his race.

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Tien, who just recently began to come to be pertinent again in the Dragon Ball universe, is for the many component inspired by Chinese culture. This uses to his style of martial arts, name, and also his 3rd eye. The 3rd eye represents wisdom in the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism, and also is situated in the middle of the forehead. Interestingly, Tien isn"t the only Z-Warrior through deep ties to Chinese culture. His sidekick and also loyal companion, Chiaotzu, is based on vampires from Chinese folklore.