I hate it as soon as Voldemort uses my shampoo without asking, he never gives it ago and also I need to buy a new bottle. I can't afford this! What execute I do???

OK so here's what I did. I've had actually the EXACT same difficulties. So whatchu wanna carry out is buy that baby fruity shampoo instead of what you usually gain. Voldemort hates that stuff. He'll speak stealing your shampoo and also leave you alone, then you deserve to start utilizing your constant shampoo after around a month. If he comes ago, use setup b. Shotgun. Hope this helped :3


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voldemort has a crippling are afraid of walrsupplies, make sure you constantly shower via one and save it close to your shampoo
These men are obviously noobs, What you want to perform is go to your nearemainder drug dealer and also ask for the "great stuff" he'll provide you a bag of blue rocks, put those in your shampoo bottles, as soon as he supplies them he'll have actually an ever growing fear of mount Everemainder, following vacation you take through him, say you're going to Japan, but actually take him to Mount Everemainder, by the moment you get to the peak, he'll realise you're not in Japan and he'll explode. Tip: When he explodes put goggles on, Voldemort guts are hard to clean off.

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This may sound a little bit far-fetched, but have you tried substituting your shampoo via fruit? I've heard that it both keeps Voldemort from utilizing it and acts as a pretty grape hair cleaner.Or you can simply tell him to challenge the harsh reality that he doesn't have hair. Just provide him a mirror and tell him. Err… you have the right to have actually this one if you desire. I don't really require it… or desire it all over close to me…
It's just in slightly worse condition than from whenever before this image was taken… and also by that I suppose the entire front is shattered… excellent riddanceBut it must still carry out the trick… hopefully
Walk right into the basement wbelow the water pipes are. Smack his underwear 15 times against them till a cosmic cat comes and rips off the water pipe. Mix mayo and also ketchup then pour it in and tape it ago along with coca cola. As voldemort steps into the shower leave a trail of girl scout cookies to the toilet. As he eats the toilet vote for obama. An earthquake will occur leading to mayo and ketchapproximately dance in a sombrero for 15 minutes. While hes distracted have actually hilter steal his nutella. Voldemort will certainly notification and also chase after him. When voldemort comes ago out of breath, acquire the vacuum and also chase him out of your parents basement forever. Voldemort will move to mexico to steal various other peoples shampoo.
I did this, but I was unable to vote for Obama! It didn't occupational, and also he stole my basement and also sombrero too!
Everyone right here is an idiot. When he comes, ssuggest pour out the shampoo in his confront. He will be also tramatized to continue.

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Spidey, Violence isn't the answer to every little thing. Just the majority of points. Also if he doesn't desire to share the shampoo beat him over the head through it. That functioned for me.
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