Your hair and hat are made of charged pshort articles,like protons and also electrons. When you takeyour hat off your head, the hat and hair rubtogether, taking some of the negativeelectrons from your hair and also giving it to the hat.

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A standard regulation is that similar charges(positive to positive) repel each various other, andoppowebsite charges (negative to positive) attracteach other. Your positively charged hair getsattracted to the negatively charged hat. If welook at one item of hair, we will certainly view all thosepositively charged pposts fending off each otherameans, forcing your hair to stand up directly.

The factor this occurs a lot of frequently on cold, drydays is because there is low moisture in the air.When water pposts gain in in between the hair andyour hat, it blocks some of the charged results.This suggests that once its dry, and also tright here aren"tmany kind of water particles to block the electricresults, your hair will stand up the many.

I hope this answers your question. Next off timeyou take off your hat, hopetotally you will noticethe attraction!

Answer 2:

I remained in a cold dry location in the time of the eclipse, andat night in the dark tent I could also view tinysparks flying in between my hair and my hat. It"scalled "static electricity," and also it happensonce a few electrons obtain pulled off the atomsin your hair and also onto your hat. That leavesyour hair with not quite enough electrons.

Electrons have actually a negative charge, so your hairhas a little positive charge when a couple of electronsleave it. Optimistic charges repel each various other, soyour charged hairs repel each other and stand outfrom your head.

I"m actually guessing that it"s your hair thatoffers amethod electrons. It might be your hat thatprovides away electrons. I don"t recognize what your hatis made of. Electrical conductors, like wires,provide off electrons, and also the internet states wool isa conductor, though not as excellent a conductor as awire. Wool is animal hair, and fur is the exact same ashair, so hair need to be a conductor, also.

Thank you for your question. I learned somebeneficial points, about how electric conductorsshed electrons and also electrical insulators pick upelectrons, but just on their surface.

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This Scientific American post is good, andit has basic experiments to try:


Here are a teacher"s notes around staticelectrical energy, from the internet -teachersnotes :

•after rubbing wool on a rubber balloon, theballoon have to repel a negative pith round - woolis above a rubber balloon on the list.•after rubbing hair on Lumention, the Lupoint out shouldrepel a negative pith sphere - hair is above Luciteon the list.•after rubbing wool on PVC, the PVC should repelan unfavorable pith ball - wool is over PVC on the list.•after rubbing wool on styrofoam, the styrofoamshould repel an unfavorable pith ball - wool is abovestyrene on the list.•after rubbing polypropylene on glass, the glassneed to entice an unfavorable pith sphere - glass isabove polypropylene on the list.•after rubbing wool on Lucite, the Lucite shouldattract an unfavorable pith ball - Lumention is abovewool on the list.