13 Reasons Why Every Career-Driven Millennial Should Work At Camp For A Summer

Former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, summed it up as soon as he explained his days as a summer camp counselor as some of the many handy leadership training he has ever had.

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From the outside looking in, many type of world check out the camp counselor duty as an extension of ones camper years or an opportunity to take the “summer off.” Little perform they understand that being a camp counselor is the hardest project one will ever before have until becoming a parent themselves. Hot days, non-stop schedules, campers pushing boundaries and also high expectation of following camp policies and also protocols are simply the start, but, every one of this is nothing compared to the rewards one internalizes after the summer has faded.

Each summer at Watitoh, we are exceptionally lucky to assist our oldest boys and girls campers change from TICS and also Waiters to counselors, welcome back many kind of returning staff that currently understand also the power of being a camp counselor, and also recruit brand-new staff who just have the right to imagine the journey ahead of them.

Enjoy the post listed below sharing the benefits of being a camp counselor. So often we think that this project is one of pure providing but, in fact, it is among receiving.


Career-concentrated, however can’t land also that dream internship? Intent on finishing up undergrad, yet don’t have a job lined up for this summer? Do you have actually a summer wide-open up, yet are unsure exactly how to fill it?

We believe that internships and yes, even summer work, have to administer meaningful experiences and also accelerate you towards your career. Regardmuch less of what your significant is and regardless of what your lengthy term purposes are, eexceptionally career-thrust girl need to spfinish at least one summer functioning for a camp.

With a range of forms of positions accessible at various camps throughout the nation, you have the right to be sure to find a job that suits your intricate. Job features at different camps deserve to include the following:

Activity StaffBusinessCounselorFood servicesGrounds and also LandscapeHealthProgrammingSupport StaffWaterfront

There are so many kind of benefits to functioning at a camp, so we’ve gathered 13 reasons why you need to work at a camp for a summer:

1. You acquire to be a function design.

For but lengthy you have actually the chance to interact with the campers, you conveniently become one of the coolest (and also many influential) human being in their lives. Camp counselors especially have the opportunity to affect campers because of the amount of time spent through their kids. True bonds have the right to create once you least suppose them to: at the high dive at the pool, at the top of the zip line, tubing on the lake, or in the cabin late at night as soon as homesickness sets in.

2. You get to unplug. 

Among the woods and lakes, you can not uncover much Wi-Fi, yet you’ll find plenty of nature simply begging you to unplug and also enjoy. Surrounding yourself via thebeauty of the excellent outdoors just helps through this. 

3. Crafts to the max.

Never before tie-dyed a shirt before? No problem. Camp is a great time to learn (or perfect) tie-dying skills, tie hundreds of tiny knots till your wrists are loaded through friendship bracelets, and make as well many type of dream catchers. 

4. Boost your resume.

Thunstable the experiences you have functioning for a camp, you will certainly be able to proudly put on your resume that you not only survived a summer functioning for a camp however thrived in the atmosphere too. Here you have the right to find 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire Former Camp Counselors. What made the list? Former camp counselors are good communicators, life-long learners, leaders, team players, and also creative thinkers, simply to name a couple of.

5. You truly make a distinction.

There are so many kind of benefits to functioning at a camp, including making a distinction. Check out The Camp Counselor vs. the Intern from a New York Times blog, here. 

“What I perform tright here matters,” she insisted. In several conversations, she told us about helping a camper cope via her mother’s debilitating depression and comforting others whose parents were fighting or separating, about aiding 11- and also 12-year-olds who were coming to terms via their sexuality, battling anorexia, confronting body are afraid. She talked around the many hrs devoted to water-skiing lessons, about instilling the confidence essential by awkward, gawky, paintotally self-aware 8- and also 9-year-olds to continue to be susceptible in the water, hold on to the rope, then increase up and remain on their feet as the boat pulled away. “What’s more vital than that?” she asked.

I had actually no answer, because I couldn’t come up with anypoint more important.

6. Rock those chacos.

You get to rock the colorful chacos all summer, ending the summer through an awesome (terrible?) tan line.

7. Life-lengthy friendships.

Within just a few days of showing up at camp for the start of the summer training sessions, you will fulfill some awesome people. Just think, your co-workers are some of the best, ssuggest by them being there: they gave up their summer (just choose you) to learn, grow, and influence others’ lives also. Life-long friendships are bound to build as you live and also work alongside various other college youngsters for 3 solid months.

8. Intercheck out product.

After spending a summer at camp, you will sudepend find out some toughness and weaknesses for you to talk about in an intercheck out, not to cite the crazy stories you can share

9. Peer networking.

Not every one of your co-workers will be elementary education and learning majors. In truth, you will satisfy a plethora of majors that have done the very same thing you have: sought out a beyond-the-typical summer job. An awesome time to expand your peer netfunctioning to individuals from everywhere the nation and from all walks of life.

10. Fresh air.

Believe it or not, the good outdoors deserve to offer you a sense of relaxation and also recharge. Finding time to enjoy an extra leisucount life by embracing the early sunrise and sitting up late under a sky complete of stars have the right to perform more for you than you might have ever imagined. A little dirt never hurt anyone, right? ?

11. You get paid to be crazy.

Now, our definitions of crazy might be different, however as a staff member for a camp, you acquire to get involved in Wacky Wednesday, dress up crazy for skits, be the leader in the day-to-day dance party, and also genuinely present your campers exactly how to have actually a good time.

12. You hone your management abilities. 

Tbelow are plenty of opportunities to enhance your management abilities by functioning for a camp because, at one suggest or another, you will be asked to lead. Whether you are leading other staff members or a handful of campers, you will be looked as much as for direction and wisdom.

13. You will learn so much about yourself.

As awesome as camp life is, it likewise is challenging. You might not know just how to resolve a instance with a camper, your co-counselor for the week can not be the the majority of compatible through your sense of humor, and some days can seem favor they drag on forever—is it lights out yet?! However, it is moments choose these wbelow your true colors shine. You will certainly learn so a lot around yourself and, at the end of the summer, will be able to look back and also be proud of all that you survived.

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Ready to work-related hard, make a distinction, build your resume, acquire phelp, and also have the ideal summer of your life? Apply to work-related for a camp for a summer—you won’t regret it.