The Potentiometer and the Voltmeter both are the voltage measuring devices. The primary Difference Between Potentiometer and also Voltmeteris that the potentiometer actions the emf of the circuit whereas voltmeter measures the end terminal voltage of the circuit. The various other distinctions between the Potentiometer and also the voltmeter are described below in the comparison chart.

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Comparichild Chart


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Standardization of Potentiometer

The procedure of determicountry of potential gradient on wire of potentiometer is known as standardisation of potentiometer. A typical cell is one whose emf remains constant. Cadmium cell through emf 1.0186 V at $20^circ$C is offered as a typical cell. In laboratory a Daniel cell via emf 1.08 V is usually used as a traditional cell.
If $ell_0$ is the balancing size for conventional emf $E_0$ then potential gradient $x=fracE_0l_0$


Key Differences:

The complying with are the vital distinctions between Potentiometer and also voltmeter.The Potentiometer is an instrument offered for measuring the emf, whereas the voltmeter is a form of meter which actions the terminal voltage of the circuit.The Potentiometer accurately steps the potential difference bereason of zero inner resistance. Whereas, the voltmeter has actually a high interior resistance which reasons the error in measurement. Hence the voltmeter approximately steps the voltage.The sensitivity of the Potentiometer is extremely high, i.e. it can measure tiny potential differences in between the 2 points. The voltmeter has actually low sensitivity.The Potentiometer offers the null deflection form instrument whereas the voltmeter provides the deflection form instrument.The Potentiometer has limitless interior resistance, whereas the Potentiometer has actually high measurable resistance.Watch out the Video: Applications of Potentiometer & its Construction by Saransh Sir.

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The Potentiometer and voltmeter both measures the emf in volts. The Potentiometer is provided in a circuit wright here the accurate worth of voltage is forced. For approximate calculation, the voltmeter is offered.Physics Revision Series by Saransh Sir (AIR 41 in IIT-JEE)

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