police 1#:afternoon sonpatrick:hello brothers*reflects cone on his head*policefish 1#:kid we"re in search of the manic.policefish 2#:have you seen this man?*shows a wanted drawing of spongebob*patrick:ahhh!! it"s the maniac!!take him away! take him away!policefish 1#:calm dvery own kid it"s simply a drawing,not the real thing currently we"re gonna present you this image again and also you tell us if you seen this man understand?patrick:yeah uh huh.policefish 1#:okay.*policefish 2# mirrors drawing*patrick:AHHHH!! HORRIBLE!!!*policefish 2# mirrors drawing when more*patrick:AHHH!!!! AHHHH!!policefish 2#(with policefish 1# smiling):*reflects patrick wanted drawing of spongebob*patrick:AHH!policefish 2#:*reflects illustration again*patrick:AHH!policefish 2#*reflects illustration aget and again*patrick:AHH,AHH,AHH,AHH,AHH!!! AHHHH!!!!flying dutchman:AWWWWOOOOOO!!!!spongebob:BAAAAAAAAA!!!!patrick:LEEDLE,LEEDLE,LEEDLE LEE!!!!!flying dutchman:AWWWOOOOOOOO!!!!Spongebob:BAAAAAAAAA!!!patrick:LEDDLE,LEDDLE,LEDDLE LEE!!!!patrick:firmly understand it in your hand also.*put jellyfish net on squidward"s bandaged hand yet drops off*patrick:*picks of jellyfish net*firmly master it.*puts jellyfish net on squidwards hand also aacquire yet falls falls off*patrick:*picks up jellyfish net again*(angerily)FIRMLY GRASP IT!*stabs jellyfish net on squidwards hand*squidward:*muffle scream in pain*spongebob:watch anypoint yet patrick?patrick:i require my glasses*takes out two glasses of water ,water falls off the glasses revealing humale eyes*hmm.(sees mailtruck)it"s the mail truck!patrick&spongebob:hooray our package!*hops happily*patrick:(raises hand)is mayonnaise an instrument?squidward:no patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument.*patrick raises hand again*squidward:horse radish is not an instrument either.spongebob:alright pinhand your time is up.patrick:that you callin" pinhead?*doodlebob draws a bowling round then rolls it*patrick:YAAHHHH!!!!(gets hit by bowling round and turns into bowling pins,then bowling round drops and also hits him aget.)spongebob:patrick are you okay?patrick:FINLAND!!!*doodlebob drops a attracted wrench on patrick"s head*patrick:ofmm.spongebob:check out what i mean?patrick:where"s the leak ma"am?*patrick knocks on unrecognized door , an unkvery own fish opens up his door*unwell-known fish:hello?patrick:i love you.*unkvery own fish closese his door quickly**spongebob rings a second unwell-known door doorbell*unrecognized fish 2#:yes?spongebob:excellent morning sir we"re marketing cocoa bars.*patrick eyes loop earlier and also forth and also stares at the unrecognized fish*unwell-known fish 2#:why is chubby here staring at me?patrick:concentrating...unrecognized fish 2#:ago up jack(slams his door that squishes patrick"s eyes)patrick:(his eyes get squished) nice place you obtained right here.patrick:(holding tiny squidward)you gained it set to m for "mini" and also it must be set to "w" for wumbo.spongebob:patrick i do not think wumbo is a real word.patrick:c"mon you recognize i wumbo ,you wumbo,he-she-me wumbo,wumbo,wumboing,(countines to say wumbo)squidward:i wonder if i loss off of this side enough to kill me.patrick:wumbology the research of wumbo?,it"s first grade spongbob.spongebob:patrick i"m sorry i doubted you.