For practically 200 years, copper has been the material of option for electrical connectors. Because the creation of the electromagnet and also the telegraph in the at an early stage 1800s, it’s end up being also even more widespcheck out, specifically via the invention of the telephone in 1876.

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Today, copper electric connectors are still offered in teleinteractions, power generation, distribution, and also transmission.

Why is copper provided for many electric wiring?

To get an electric existing to circulation via steels, the power source hregarding fight against resistivity. The reduced the level of resistivity, the even more electrical conductivity a metal has. And because copper wire has actually a low level of resistivity, it’s a terrific electrical conductor.

Copper is additionally an incredibly functional material. Electrical connectors and also wiring need to manage huge tons of electricity at a time, but the majority of metals that take on these loads don’t bfinish easily. Copper, on the other hand also, has actually the right level of thickness to handle family levels of power, while still being maneuverable.

Lastly, copper is less oxidative than other steels. You’ve likely heard of oxidation when talking around rust. It happens when the oxygen and moisture in the air react via a metal’s surconfront. This reaction corrodes the metal which provides a film-prefer spanning.

Copper doesn’t rust yet it will certainly develop a greenish patina called copper oxide. Unprefer rust, but, this coating protects the metal from corroding without interfering via the conductivity.

How does aluminum wiring compare to copper?

While aluminum deserve to also be offered for every little thing electric, copper has actually the upper hand for numerous reasons.

For starters, aluminum has lower conductivity than copper and also is also even more susceptible to oxidation. The aluminum oxide that creates on the surchallenge is not conductive like copper oxide, which indicates it have the right to slow-moving the flow of electrical power. To combat this oxidation, aluminum requirements anti-oxidant cream to circulation smoothly.

When you’re comparing aluminum to copper electric connectors, you additionally need to think about safety issues. Aluminum expands and contracts as it heats and cools, so aluminum wiring can loosen over time—which renders it a major fire danger.

While these security problems deserve to be mitigated, it’ll call for distinct considerations. These can include distinctive fixtures that match the aluminum wiring, Arc Fault Interrupters, and also “pig-tailing” copper wire for the ends of aluminum wires. Copper wiring, on the other hand, is much safer to use, and needs fewer preadvises.

These traits make copper a better product for electrical wiring in tight spaces. Between the adaptability, the resistance to heat growth, and the all at once security considerations of the metal, it’s simply a far better alternative.


What are some best practices for copper electric connectors?

Even though electric copper connectors have fewer safety problems than aluminum, electrical energy is still hazardous. So if you’re functioning on a wiring job, be certain to follow proper safety and security preadvises.

When making use of copper electrical conductors, make certain to:

Use the appropriate copper wire connector for the size and number of wires you’re connecting.Only usage electrical copper connectors that UL (Underwriters Laboratories) recommends.Make sure wire ends are totally spanned by the connector. Electrical tape is not a safe alternate for spanning exposed wire.When you’re reconnecting wires, it’s feasible that the ends might be damaged. Trim the ends and also resexpedition the insulation to encertain the safest link feasible.Once you’re done, test that the link is secure by giving the wires a gentle tug.

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