If you are wondering why eBay is showing prices in USD or Canadian dollars (CAD), and want to pay in either currency however can’t. Here’s a quick guide!

Solution #1 use quick links to adjust currency;


If for any type of reason the quick links above are not functioning for you, here’s another approach you can use to change the money to your choice.

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Equipment #2 change money settings;

Unfortunately the currency settings for buyers are somewhat restricted, even sellers deserve to only adjust their currency once per eextremely 12 months.

Change money on Canadian eBay;

Tip 1. Click below to open the Canada variation of eBay

Tip 2. Search for any type of item as you would certainly commonly do

Step 3. Look for “View” choices in the peak of search results

Tip 4. Select the wrench symbol that states “Customize”

Step 5. Untick the “Convert prices to Canadian dollars” box.

Now you will see the original currency for each item, and by trying to find items within the USA through the advanced search, you will certainly see USD only.

Change money on US eBay;

Tip 1. Click here to open up the US version of eBay

Tip 2. Search for any type of item as you would typically do

Tip 3. Look for “View” choices in the top of search results

Step 4. Select the wrench icon that says “Customize”

Step 5. Untick the “Convert prices to UNITED STATE dollars” box.

Now you will certainly check out the original money for each item, and by searching for items within Canada via the advanced search, you will certainly view CAD only.

Good to recognize about currencies;

So your selections are pretty much to change to the US (eBay.com) or Canadian (eBay.ca) eBay keep which automatically converts to the regional currency. Or, choose to present the original currency and play with the advanced settings.

Please note, that there is no means to change currencies in user settings either. The technique eBay periodically supplies is it detects your physical area based upon IP deal with and also then mirrors a different currency convariation based upon that.

For instance, if visitors from Europe visit the eBay.com webwebsite, they will certainly view prices in EUR and also won’t also have an obtainable establishing for US dollars.

Good to know about payments;

If you desire to pay in either USD or Canadian dollars, this will be possible if you have actually a PayPal account from the respective country of that money.

Each eBay seller sets a money of their very own, however PayPal provides the choice to either usage that currency or directly pay in USD or CADVERTISEMENT respectively.

So if you cannot pay in Canadian dollars for instance, please login to your PayPal account first or you won’t check out the option for this.

Unfortunately, you cannot adjust your country easily with PayPal.

Shopping in CADVERTISEMENT or USD on eBay, and how?Let us know your suffer or questions!

I hope that helps to deal with your difficulty or problem making purchases and also navigating eBay, and thank you for your type visit. David.

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