Although it feels progressively rare these days, numerous NFL franchises have actually stuck closely to the logos and also shade schemes that aided develop their identities even more than 50 years earlier. For a lot of of the Super Bowl era, this has been true for the Green Bay Packers, with some slight variations to minor details like socks and sleeve striping.

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While you deserve to bank on green residence jerseys and also white road uniforms even more frequently than not, the Packers have dabbled with some variations in an attempt to pay homage to the early days of the franchise. Recently, that has supposed the addition of navy blue, yellow, and/or khaki brvery own, linking earlier to the Acme Packers origins over 100 years back.

I recognize it’s famous to dischoose them, but I actually don’t mind the Packers throwback unicreates for what they are. The existing ones are much better than the previous ones IMO.

— Brooks (
Packers team president Mark Murphy covered a lot of talking points in his recent mailbag — including solid assistance of general manager Brian Gutekunst — and also among the topics he addressed is the fact that Environment-friendly Bay will introduce a new “historical, third uniform” during one house game this seachild, and that it will certainly deviate from the blue-and-yellow throwbacks of recent and attribute even more green.

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Murphy likewise claims in this Q&A that the Packers will wear a “historic, 3rd uniform at one residence game this seachild. While we’re not prepared to fully introduce the uniforms, I can say that they’ll incorporate a shade of the color green.”

— Matt Schneidmale (
The statement provides some information, yet is just vague enough to let the mind wander as to what this potential uniform could look prefer. Plenty of artists and also Photoshoppers on the internet have actually taken their stab at what a Packers throwearlier uniform can look favor. So let’s take a look at some of the finest (and also worst) of what’s out there.


Packers new throwago uniform idea #2: 1950-1953

Color rush x throwback at the same time?