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for this question. We've been asked to think around why it is that a plati helmet thes has a flattened body were really reasoning about that in sort of conmessage, as opposed to a tubular body that you could see an a fishing worm or an inchworm. In order to answer inquiries prefer this, it's vital to recognize the organisms position in the food chain and additionally its morphology or body framework. These organisms are a lot of absolutely not predators, so any answer choices that tried to indicate that this body kind is designed someexactly how to allow the organism Teoh lay in wait for its prey to be able to be a really stealthy hunter. That would be an incorrect response. Candidly, it would be in kind of the vein of being a ridiculous response. So this organisms organism is many absolutely not a predator along those exact same lines. It is a very simple organism. Here we view an aerial see of ah flatworm, and also you deserve to see that it has actually a nice broad body shape. Ah, big surconfront area. When we look at a cross section as I'm sketching over here to the side, it is a very, extremely thin organism. It has actually one opening that serves both as a mouth bad so that food have the right to go in, and also likewise so that waste can come out that therefore it implies it has actually a blind gut. Or basically, a gut is the just form of structure, however it has actually inside its body. There's no respiratory mechanism, the circulatory device, no nervous mechanism. Also notification that it's incredibly thin, exceptionally, exceptionally thin. And so really, because I pointed out earlier that there's no circulatory or respiratory mechanism, the Onley way for it to obtain gas exreadjust achieved or what you and also I could think of his respiration is for that oxygen to diffusage with the membrane of the organism, this exterior membrane and also for the vehicle carbon dioxide to then diffusage out. So straightforward diffusion will certainly be the way that gas exreadjust occurs. Because of this, when we're reasoning around what the best factor is for this level body framework, it gets ago to kind of the original concept of having an extremely big surconfront location that having actually this the biggest surconfront location maybe can will certainly rise its capability to accomplish gas exchange via diffusion. So we're just sort of form that out. So we deserve to have a clear response and so double box right here. But ah ah, big surconfront location allows for gas exchange in the absence wickedness of a a respiratory device that would then be the a lot of clear answer choice. Aobtain, anypoint that type of talks around being a predator, just silliness.

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It's really bereason tbelow are no true organ devices to speak of that that huge surface area allows for gas exreadjust to take place even more efficiently. And the winner of the organism is, and the more surchallenge location that it has, the better able it is to attain that goal of gas six.