So a funny point has actually happened with everyone stuck at residence for the much better part of 2 months now. People all have actually been asking me why it has been so windy? The funny point is it’s actually been less windy than normal for this time of the year.

The initially thing I say to this question is that we are in the windy time of the whole year in Charlotte appropriate currently. Eincredibly year on average, considering that 1941, March and also April have been the windy months on average for the year. The chart below reflects the average wind speed by month for the year. I also highlighted wright here this year’s average wind rate has been for 2020. You have the right to see March was 7.6 mph, and also that was equaled in April at 7.6 mph.

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That is actually listed below our long term average of 8.4 mph.


Why is March and April so Windy on average?

This has a lot to do with the altering of the periods as we go from Winter to Summer, a.k.a Spring.