As cat owners, we know that the price of being owned by a cat also implies handling many crazy and inexplicable habits. But this is why we love our cats. Chances are, at some point in time, you’ve knowledgeable a cat chomping down on your feet, or your toes, or your ankles, or your shins.

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Now you’re right here, analysis this write-up and trying to find answers. We can more than likely understand also why cats pursue our fingers and hands, however the feet might seem a little, well, strange. We’ll execute our finest to explore this odd and yet rather endearing habits.

We’ll cover six reasons we believe cats like to bite our feet. We’ll additionally talk about approaches to help proccasion it from happening. Unless you gain feet attacks and also you just desire to know why they do it…


6 Reasons for Feline Foot Biting

There are assorted scenarios for the foot-biting actions. Is it mainly developing when your feet are under the blankets or when you’re walking approximately the house? Are the bites gentle or difficult and accompanied by grabbing and even scratching?

Each circumstance will certainly tell a different story into the whys, so this is something to think about as soon as you’re interested in avoiding the behavior.

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1. Play

Play is most likely the number one factor why cats reap nibbling on our tootsies. Your feet are accessible to a cat. They’re on the ground and also are tantalizingly cshed enough that a cat might simply not be able to withstand lunging, grabbing, and biting them, especially bereason you’re moving. Cats have actually instincts that are motivated once they watch a moving object.

What provides it also even more fun is they generally will certainly gain a reactivity from you. You jerk away, probably jump and most likely make a noise – shriek, scream, yell, laugh.

The bites that acfirm this sort of playful habits aren’t generally hard and also don’t generally penetrate your skin. Your cat is just having actually some fun, obviously at your price.

2. The Hunt

Hunting is likewise one more top factor why cats enjoy attacking your feet. As we are all mindful, cats are recognized to be superb hunters. This instinct is still quite powerful, also after centuries of domestication.

In this case, your cat could connect in stalking actions prior to attacking your feet, and the bites could be more painful, also drawing blood. Keep in mind that this sort of attacking habits isn’t individual. Your cat’s instincts have taken over, and also your feet could as well be a computer mouse or a rablittle bit – your feet are prey at that moment. Your feet are additionally just the appropriate size for your cat, and also if you’re wearing fuzzy slippers or socks, they can show up even even more prey-choose to your cat.

This hunting form of habits is even more prevalent via younger cats as well as indoor cats that can not be offered enough opportunity to play and also hunt.

3. Boredom

If your cat is bored and hasn’t had enough avenues to play, especially via you, then she could be attacking your feet out of boredom.

4. Attention

If you’ve noticed that your cat shows up to attack your feet when you’re busy or not paying attention to her, it might be that she is looking to acquire your attention. Maybe she’s trying to find food or a treat, or she desires to acquire into a room that has its door closed.

Sometimes your cat could bite because you’re offering her too a lot attention.

This is overcreated aggression, in which your hands are normally the victims. You’re having a lovely petting session via your adorable cat when she suddenly transforms on you, bites, and runs amethod. It additionally sometimes occurs as soon as your cat is worn down of playing who can lash out at the closest thing – your feet.

5. Affection

Our cats love to bite out of love and affection. If you’ve been preparing your cat’s dinner and she gently bites your foot, she’s absolutely reflecting you some love and appreciation.

Cats are recognized to provide us love bites, which is thought to come from actions learned from their mothers. Sometimes a mom cat will gently bite her kit10s while grooming. Even in a litter of kittens, the siblings will bite while playing as a technique of bonding, and it teaches the kitten how to be an adult.

6. Medical Issue

Unfortunately, some clinical issues could make your cat even more aggressive than usual, and also she can lash out at your feet given that they are the closest thing to her. For instance, hyperthyroidism have the right to lead to more aggression in cats.

If you alert various other unexplained symptoms in your cat, various other than the foot biting, take her to the vet to aid dominance out any type of health problems.


How to Speak the Feet Biting

Cats are sort of like Goldilocks from the children’s story Goldilocks and also the Three Bears. Everything hregarding be simply appropriate. Not also many type of pets, and not also little. Not too much play, however not also little bit. We certainly have to find the right amount of anything so you don’t endure a chomp on your feet. So, if you would certainly like for your cat to not bite your toes, below are some tips to help stop this behavior.

Ignore It

When they are kittens, they learn that playing also roughly is not fun. If a kitten bites her sibling too hard, the other kitten will certainly soptimal playing and also walk ameans. This method, they learn that biting hard amounts to no even more fun.

If you stop reacting to the foot attacks and automatically and also calmly rerelocate yourself from your cat, she will certainly learn to sheight. This consists of not looking at or speaking to your cat, walking into a room, and also cshedding the door to separate yourself. Just for a few minutes to offer your cat some time to calm down.


Once you’ve removed yourself from your cat and also have given her those few minutes to quiet down, you have the right to restraight her energy to a toy. Whatever her favorite toy can be – feather wand, catnip sphere, and so on.

Image Credit: emdot, FlickrAnother choice is to have a toy on hand and also if you anticipate an impfinishing ankle attack, throw the toy throughout the room so your cat will automatically take chase. Consistency by ignoring the habits merged through redirecting your cat is vital and also have the right to be very efficient.


One trouble via rerelocating yourself is that you’ll be relocating, and your cat might still continue chasing and attacking your feet. Anvarious other option is to crouch dvery own and either distract her via an unexplained sound or by snapping your fingers and also clapping your hands. Once you have her attention, you tell her “no.” Aobtain, consistency is essential.


Be sure that you have actually sufficient options for your cat to store herself entertained – toys that she can bite and also kick, cat trees for climbing and also scratching, access to home windows, and so on. You must also make time to play with your cat several times each day. Experts say that cats only need around 5 to 10 minutes of intense play eincredibly day, which will aid to mentally stimulate and tire them out.

If you give your cat as a lot attention as you are able, then she’ll be much less likely to lash out at your feet. However, if you are unable to offer your cat the time and also attention she requirements, you might want to think about bringing one more cat into your house, so she’ll have actually a playmate.



Cats are wonderful, zany kind of, and also loving members of our family members that we frequently need time to number out. A visit to your vet might be in order – vets can additionally give some advice if you are came to about any behavior problems.

You’ll likewise need to spfinish some time understanding your cat’s body language. The more you recognize your cat, the simpler it will certainly be for you to number her out. Lots of love and attention (however not also much!) need to assist safeguard your feet, which will make you both much happier at the finish of the day.

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