I have actually trouble through my Christmas Cacti eexceptionally winter.I store the plants external all summer where they grow. After bringing them in, they generally carry out well for a month or so, then I check out leaves gain limp and occasionally they appear to dry up and loss off. I water lightly ever before couple weeks.My residence is extremely dry - I have actually a woodrange. I carry out not watch any type of pests. It appears prefer I can more than or under watering.


I deserve to obtain photos if that would certainly help.


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Hi Jeannie & Welcome,

I check out you just signed on now. Pls. be cautious, I"m trying not to confuse her below, am pertained to you might be contradicting my advice simply a little.

Yes they"re succulents, & cacti at that, yet importantly they are JUNGLE cacti, so pls. perhaps let her start w/ a little bit of a schedule just to get offered to the fact that these are Jungle cacti, not desert cacti & parched (as in watered eextremely couple of wks, as she proclaimed at the beginning) is not what they"re looking for.


Hi Bill

My guess is your dealing with it like cactus instead of a tropical plant. Don"t be afrassist to water it once it gets dry. Eincredibly 2 weeks sounds like an extremely lengthy time for something you desire to bloom soon.


I tfinish to agree, the problem may be the "watering lightly", that doesn"t really execute a lot for these plants. They are jungle cacti (interpretation tropical, they choose humidity & moisture), not desert cacti.

It happens I flourished up wbelow these are native to (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Often when it rains tright here, it POURS. Pls. understand that in nature these prosper up in the crotch of tree branches, catching whatever debris they loss right into. So that equates into incredibly quick draining, that"s the essential.

I"m in NYC, in an overheated, peak floor apmt, also exceptionally dry. Usually I water these every week or so, a LONG drink once I carry out & they"re just fine!

Hope this helps!


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14 years ago

I definitely have been dealing with them favor a cactus and also with-holding the water.I will certainly attempt watering when a week.Thanks for the excellent information.

1 more question....Should I treat Orchid Cactus the same?


14 years ago

Due to the fact that your residence is very dry, mistspraying have the right to be advantageous for your Christmas Cactus ! Mine love it !

14 years ago

Bill, try to let your cactus (and also various other plants as well) dry dvery own to a suggest that you can stick your finger into the soil --down about an inch. If it feels damp...let it go an additional couple days. If it feels dry water...however water well to the drainage point.Your plant need to drain well.Then let it dry down aobtain.

Watering in spits and spats does nothing for the plant"s roots. You think you are providing it water it have the right to use...and that"s all.Ugh, ugh....its the roots that needs the water and also just as much as they can usage.Overwatering reasons just how you explain your plant"s limping.

C.C."s are succulents; they save moisture in their leaves.They can go for a time without water.Mind you, you shouldn"t let your cactus dry dvery own also much...then water heavily to overcompensate.

Don"t fertilize a blooming cactus....that just pushes bimpend to expfinish much faster and also since the plant is not in a growing cycle, it cant usage the fertilizer.Feed just a prospering plant.

Watering a plant according to your schedule is not doing the plant any great. You should water according to once the plant demands watering.As the plant is not flourishing, it is requiring a lot much less water....and also because the sun"s intensity is waning, it will need that much much less water.


I am confused now.So the limp leaves suggest overwatering?FYI: I am not fertilizing the plants.

I do not typically "schedule" my waterings for any kind of of my plants. I guess the 2 week thing was more of an estimate to just how lengthy it normally took for me to decide the xmas cactus needed water.These seem to be the only plants that I have actually difficulties with in winter. Perhaps the drainage is an concern, yet these execute fine outdoors all summer - where they get plenty of water from rain and hand also watering.

what must the soil makeup be and also is repotting at this time of year dangerous? I do not care so much around the flowering as a lot as maintaining these plants alive and also thriving.


Hello Bill !In your first posting in this thread you created this :"My home is very dry - I have actually a woodrange. I do not see any type of pests. It appears like I could more than or under watering."

And I thought it will certainly be exceptionally difficult to say if someone is over- or under watering his plant without seeing the plant or knowing more about it"s "environment".

ADVICE ON WATERING IS DIFFICULT bereason it"s not only "how often", yet additionally "just how much", and also "is the soil free-draining & surplus water removed" and of course there"s "room temperature & dry or humid air & sunlight exposure".

Hmm ... I might be including to your confusion below ...

But my allude is ; I think you"ll have to think what is the major distinction in between the plants setting outside in summer and the atmosphere in your living room.

Is it dry air and also high temperature ? In that situation mistspray and also water frequently ( however in "small quantities" ).Or is it the amount of water it gets ? These plants are not meant to be soaking wet and also not stone dry !

As Piprice Girl says ; these plants are JUNGLE CACTI !It was when I grasped what that suggests, that I started to have sucess through these plants.

So your plants live a much more "jungle-like life" in summer.What can you perform to make their life "even more jungle-like" in your living room ?I think just you yourself ca response this ! ;-)

About repotting : The best point is of course to repot in spring when brand-new growth starts , but if a plant is really doing poor , you deserve to repot any time of year to save it !

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Not to throw even more yeast into the mix- BUT, once my CC leaves go limp or shrivel, it"s bereason I haven"t watered it sufficient. I"m infamous for letting them go dry for as well lengthy and they DO NOT choose that. As PG has shelp, they are jungle cacti, not desert cacti. Here"s how I thrive mine:In Spring/Summer- I save them well watered and fertilized regularly(bereason they thrive external in the dead warmth of summer! and also dry very quickly). In Fall, I water just sufficient that they do not shrivel(uh, most of the time;). When they begin to show buds, I resume continual watering so the buds don"t blast. Of course while they are in full fledged freduced mode, I stop letting them dry out. When they are all finimelted flowering, I go back to the Fall schedule(watering only sufficient that they don"t shrivel) because currently they want to rest(after all that grand flowering). Before you recognize it, Spring is right here and it"s time to begin the cyle all over again.

As Bergit has actually said likewise, the "standard" deserve to be various from one perchild to the next. It all depends on your conditions: 1.) soil make-up 2.) temperature AND humidity 3.) sun expocertain.

I really perform think you will certainly be fine through your CC. Wishing you all the best-


many thanks for all of the great information.

below is what I have surmised.....

I believe that through my cirmcumstance, the primary distinction between summer climate and also winter climate is humidity.

The soil that I have actually it in is a mix of topsoil/potting mix and also sand also (which i added and also frequently have actually great luck with). It drains exceptionally well. I have actually retained an eye on points this week and after watering thouroughly 4 days back, the soil is completely dry already.....I had actually it in a southern dealing with window in my living room wright here the wood range is. this room is super dry throughout autumn and also winter.

First thing....I will certainly relocate it to a different room - prefer the upstairs bath which I think is more humid - especially since day-to-day showers happen tbelow.

I am likewise thinking of altering to a heavier soil (much less sand also blended in). this will certainly be a last rekind if the plant doesn"t seem to boost in the bath.